Class B motorhomes and Roadtrek RV sales go up and up...
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Class B motorhome sales and
Roadtrek RV sales go up and up
Roadtrek has almost half the market segment...
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Roadtrek 190 Versatile class B motorhome exterior
2010 Roadtrek 190 Versatile
class B motorhome

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RV Business said on 4/12/2010 - Retail sales of Class B motorhomes rose 82% in February 2010 over February 2009, Statistical Surveys Inc. (SSI) reported today.

In its inaugural report on Class B sales to RV Business, Grand Rapids, Mich.-based SSI noted that Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc., based in Kitchener, Ontario, led the way with a 47.7% market share in February.
Fellow Canadian builder Pleasure-Way Industries Ltd. was second with a 19.8% share. Thor Industries Inc. was the top U.S. builder with a 14.4% market share. Winnebago Industries Inc. rounded out the top four

(As Roaming Times reported in an earlier article:
“The rebound in Class B sales is probably the best kept secret in the industry,” said Roadtrek Chairman Jeff Hanemaayer. “And I think it’s a trend that will continue. We have the oldest buyers so we’ll benefit as more baby boomers move into their late 50’s and 60’s.” see article)

See previous Roadtrek article - "on the road again" -
Just a couple of the positive comments received about Roadtrek...
I was not an RV person until we saw the Roadtrek. Our whole lives have changed for the better! Whoever thought of putting that much in a 19 feet van must be a genius...

Roadtrek SS Ideal class B motorhome exterior
2010 Roadtrek SS-Ideal motorhome
RoTi review and forum
Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc. is a proud and successful member within its community. It manufactures the #1 selling class B motorhomes in North America (since 1990). For other information, visit or call 888-ROADTREK (762-3873) or

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Roadtrek 190-Simplicity class B motorhome 2012"A Balance of Interior Space & Exterior Size - For Less Money! The 190-Simplicity is a lower priced alternative that still provides full class B functionality but without all the extras"
Roadtrek SS-Agile class B motorhome 2011"A drive-everyday motorhome on the Mercedes-built "Short" Sprinter - Compact exterior size… great fuel economy… comfortable seating for five... all the features of a typical motorhome"
Roadtrek SS-Ideal class B motorhome 2011 "Class B's only rear slide-out - only 19½ feet long - easy to use everyday but offers all the conveniences of a fully-equipped motorhome – and has great fuel economy!"
Roadtrek SS Ideal class B motorhome 2010"On the most fuel efficient chassis with the industry’s first and only slide room out the rear doors of a class B (patent pending)"
Roadtrek 190 Versatile class B motorhome 2010"Intended to be truly versatile - a balance of interior space and exterior size"
Roadtrek 190 Popular class B motorhome 2010"When it's cruising just for the two of you - a balance of interior space and exterior size"
Roadtrek RS-Adventurous class B motorhome"Combines legendary Mercedes-Benz engineering with the ingenious RV design creativity you’ve come to expect from Roadtrek"
Roadtrek 210 class B motorhome 2009"A beautiful fusion of design, engineering and functionality with optional arrangements for seating and sleeping - the ultimate widebody class B!"

Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomejohnBriggsbo--did you ever find the aluminum sliders for the rear side windows for your Roadtrek? We have the same problem. How did you attach them if you did get them? What kind of adhesive to the window Thank you
Re: Roadtrek 190-Popular class B motorhomegetawayTo anyideas ....when I had the fantastic fan put in the tech guy told me when the fan quit working the switch that is on the vent is probably stuck so go up on the roof and make sure the switch the switch is working
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomewallyI bought a 95 roadtrek w/125K miles. the 94 van has a shorter wheelbase and gives it a short turn ability which is great.After 60'000miles I have enjoyed it very much. WE have gone coast to coast and very seldom stayed at a camp ground. Climbing the western mountains had to turn off a/c to avoid over heating. My only complaint is I have a versatile so now thinking a later model popular with less than 185,000 miles. What a great motor home.
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomeAdavanWE Like our 1998 dodge 318 popular roadtrek. About 14 gal/miles. Had to replace screws in bath door with nuts/bolts. Works good now. Fridge on propane quit. Needs to be cleaned with compressed air. Replaced water pump and the pulleys for the serpentine belt. Use Goodyear to get of squeaks. Rock steady. Won't buy the Chevy. Too low to ground. Sprinter great if you have lots of $$$$.
Re: Roadtrek 170 class B motorhomeBetty HarrisonDoes the roadtrek tow and what can it tow. Engine big enough to tow (boat - ATVs - small trailer)?
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomePaulChuck, I had the same problem with my Roadtrek 190 after hitting a pothole, replaced both front rotors, front left bearing & ABS brake assembly, out of pocket, now handling and running fine.
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomePaulChuck, I had the same problem with my Roadtrek 190 after hitting a pothole, replaced both front rotors, front left bearing & ABS brake assembly, out of pocket, now handling and running fine.
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomePaulChuck, I had the same problem with my Roadtrek 190 after hitting a pothole, replaced both front rotors, front left bearing & ABS brake assembly, out of pocket, now handling and running fine.
Re: Roadtrek 190-Popular class B motorhomeanyideaslooking for the person who posted .."also fixed the ceiling fan in my roadtrex"...posted name..TREKKER...wondering what else I can do to get mine working..checked fuses,power ok,no loose wires,just stopped working..sure helps alot for air in my coach area..any help has sensors and speed control is the fan on top of my roadtrex with the vent that opens out..ty
Re: Roadtrek 210 class B motorhomediskuszucht-feegeHallo Bin von dem Wohnmobil sehr Begeistert und Würde mir gern einen Gebrauchten Kaufen. Wer kann mir Helfen?auch gern ein Import. Würde mich über Nachrichten freuen. Und Danke schon mal im Vorfeld. it freundlichen Grüßen Ekhardt Feege
Re: Roadtrek 210 class B motorhomechuckPOS!!!! 4k miles and the front springs and front and rear shocks all bad! Front was sitting on the rubber bump stops at 4000 miles! Had them all replaced on my money! Wonders all over the road. Still pulls to the left and Chevy place cant fix it. Bathroom door broke and LP gas valve leaked all my propane out on the drive home just off the show room floor, front of the fridge came off a few days later. The van is rated at GVW 9500 lbs. With no people it is 9100lbs. Factory tires are rated at 1300lbs each. Too light duty maybe...Don't know how to get it fixed..... want to sell it. Runs good and well equipped. But running down the interstate at 70 it goes from one side of the road to the other. Hard to drive. NEVER AGAIN will I buy one! Chevy says Road-trek put too much weight on it and Road-trek says Chevy's chassis is too light. Neither will fix it. now I have a $100,000.00 in a van that is not safe to drive over 40 mph.
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomeWayne loweryI just bought a 2002 roadtrek 190 popular . Absolutely love it.can anyone help me find the right rear battery door. Mine fell off when I left the dealer.
Re: Roadtrek 170 class B motorhomeDaveWish they were 4 wheel drive, The mountain passes are no fun in 2 wheel drive and when we get to the ocean its nice to park on the beach.maybe you have a good answer why they don't, I can pay extra for it no problem. Thank You, Dave
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomeSharonAnyone know how to open the power rear sofa? Seems to be broken on one side.
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomeMartinI have a 1997 Roadtrek and need a new radiator screen and a new rug, if it's possible to get them. Anyone know where?
Re: Roadtrek 170 class B motorhomeMaudebesoin du metal qui tiens la fenetre arriere (frame)ou dois je trouver cette piece ? et j'ai aussi besoin de changer le tapis au complet a l'avant ? ou dois trouver ca
Re: Roadtrek 190-Popular class B motorhomeBruceI would love a picture of a 1991 dodge roadtrek popular custom trailer hitch from under the van. This hitch was designed by Roadtrek. I have the sketch, would like to see it installed.
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomeBriggsboI'm looking for a way to buy spare parts as well...especially some way to fix/replace the side, rear windows which have become unglued and one actually fell out and broke. I need those little aluminum sliders and a piece of glass that's curved.
Re: Roadtrek 190-Popular class B motorhomeMrargie LavinOne of the many problems we have with our 2010 Roadtrek 190 Popular is that when we open the awning, we cannot get into our van. They have installed the awning too low. Is anybody had a problem like that?.
Re: Roadtrek 190-Popular class B motorhomeTomTo Maggie... We purchased a 2011 Popular- Same window problem. Dealer removed & resealed. No problem since. Can't comment on the toilet, but suggest that a dealership will remedy.

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