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Monaco RV Great N. American RV Scavenger Hunt - win prizes!
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2011 Monaco Diplomat luxury motorhome
"More powerful and luxurious than ever - this beauty brings the muscle. And prepare to be wowed with the Diplomat’s four new creative floorplans"
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Roaming Times from Monaco RV newsletter (May 2010) - 6/2/2010
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Are you looking for a great bonding activity with family and friends? What about finding new friends who enjoy having a good time and share the same enthusiasm for RVing that you do? Then join in the hunt… the Monaco RV Scavenger Hunt. It’s a wonderful way to get everybody sharing experiences and having fun together, requires little equipment, provides lots of room for creativity, provides a great reason to get back on the road with the RV, and best of all, offers some great prizes with over 25 gift cards from $50 to $500 in value.

You can do the scavenger hunt by yourself, with the entire family or get a team together. Just make sure everyone has a camera (even a cell phone will work), reviews the list of USA and Canadian landmark photos on the official Monaco RV Scavenger Hunt list (Click here for full list), figures out who’s going to go where, and is ready to have some photo fun. Don’t have a team? What better reason to start one up on any of our Monaco RV Facebook pages. Choose between www.facebook.com/holidayrambler, www.facebook.com/monacorv, or www.facebook.com/rvisiontowables. Go for it!

There is one more thing: THE SIGN must be in your pictures. You ask, “What sign?” It’s the sign that says, “I Love Monaco RVs!” Print one out, have the kids color one by hand, or just scribble it on a piece of paper, but make sure it’s in the picture and can be read.

It doesn’t matter what team member takes the photos, but there are some guidelines (Click here for the official rules). Here are some ideas and tips to get started. Not a Facebook friend yet? Join today, start Facebooking and join a team that needs members. Set a time limit for your team members to get the photos taken, and elect a team leader to gather, tag and upload the photos on one of the three Monaco RV Facebook site. If you decide to join a team, remember, there’s only one gift card for the entire team. It’s up to the team to determine how to share the prize.

Let the fun begin! Happy hunting, and see you on Facebook!

About Monaco RV, LLC
Monaco RV, LLC, a Navistar company, is a manufacturer of motorized and towable recreational vehicles. Headquartered in Coburg, Oregon, with substantial manufacturing facilities in Indiana, Monaco RV is dedicated to quality and service and offers innovative RVs designed to meet the needs of a broad range of customers with varied interests. Monaco RV offers a  variety of products that appeal to RVers across generations, from entry-level priced towables to custom-made luxury models.
For additional information about Monaco RV, LLC please visit www.monacorv.com.
2011 Holiday Rambler Aluma-Lite class C motorhome exterior
2011 Holiday Rambler Aluma-Lite
class C motorhome

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Monaco RV Great N. American RV Scavenger Hunt - win prizes! - RVing press release / RVing news item - Roaming Times