Gulf Stream sees high retail demand for new Visa ultralite travel trailer -
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Gulf Stream sees high retail demand for new Visa ultralite travel trailer
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2011 Gulf Stream Visa ultralite
travel trailer

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Nappanee, IN, March 2010 - Gulf Stream Coach Inc., recently introduced the all new Visa Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailer, and dealers are reporting tremendous retail activity. Dealers report record web site traffic and customers crowding to see the Visa at retail shows.

“It is exciting to have dealers selling Visas prior to their first stock delivery and having customers seek out the Visa at shows.” Says Jeff Terhune, Product Manager.
“We continue to expand the product based on customer feedback. The first three floorplans have done extremely well, and we anticipate introducing three additional floorplans this month.” Even the company’s telephone operator notes being inundated with calls requesting information on the new Visa.

Visa utilizes state-of-the-art eco-friendly materials inside and outside, producing a 22’ 11” travel trailer with a total dry weight around 2700 lbs. that is towable with minivans and crossover vehicles. The Visa currently features amenities like walk around queen beds and full baths in three spacious floorplans.
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Gulf Stream Visa ultralite travel trailer 2011"Unsurpassed in weight, length, and strength ratios, Visa provides amenities like walk around queen beds and full baths for minivans and crossover tow vehicles"
Gulf Stream Montaj class A motorhome 2009"Leading the RV industry in environmental efficiency - 13mpg, lightweight construction techniques, aerodynamic, recylable and reduced chemical make-up materials - the most liveable motorhome you’ll find"
Gulf Stream Tourmaster class A motorhome 2008"Style, elegance, plush yet affordable"

Re: Gulf Stream Visa travel trailerL. RossWe have a 2011 VisaRGU. We have loved this trailer! It has provided us with hours of travelling and touring pleasure. The lightweight structure allowed us to pull it with it with our Tacoma and we are so happy we bought it. Would we buy another one?? Absolutely. It has given us no problems.
Re: Gulf Stream Visa travel trailerL. RossWe have a 2011 VisaRGU. We have loved this trailer! It has provided us with hours of travelling and touring pleasure. The lightweight structure allowed us to pull it with it with our Tacoma and we are so happy we bought it. Would we buy another one?? Absolutely. It has given us no problems.
Re: Gulf Stream Visa travel trailerAlProblems with my 2012 Visa 19 RGU The unit was purchased on 29 July 2011. Here is a look at things that went wrong since we bought it. Hopefully this will help other customers in making up their mind. The built in radio has no reception despite several attempts by our dealer to fix it. The black and grey water tank sensors did not work since the first use, even after attempts at repair by our dealer. The connection of the hoses to the hot water tank were crooked and bent and had to be repaired before they broke. The shower faucets came off the wall on the first outing. Also on the first outing, the water lines to the bathroom sink were so loose water leaked onto the bathroom floor. We discovered water on the floor of the trailer several times after driving in the rain. It would appear the water came in through a ½ inch gap under the fridge that was left open at the factory. The white exterior has developed approximately a 12 inch brown discoloration at the location of the fridge. Pictures were sent to Gulfstream who denied not only responsibility, but even denied the problem. The propane line to the water heater was exposed at the hole where the line enters the trailer and was rubbing against the floor, requiring repair. Now, after only one year, several of the glued-on trims inside the trailer have fallen off. Those are the minor issues. These next two issues threaten my family’s safety This September when we needed the furnace at night, we were awakened many nights by the CO detector. It indicated the presence of propane. When checked with a safety inspector’s monitor, we discovered excessive CO (the silent killer). For some reason, the CO sensor displayed the incorrect problem. I found the bracket that was holding the heater unit up had broken off the side and the heater was almost completely off the wall, where the fresh air and exhaust vents are located. The weight of the heater was resting on the propane lines. The original assembly was no more than a ¾ inch square cross brace held in place by 2 staples. Now today I discovered both tires are worn out after only 5000Km, 2000 miles and the axle is bent even though the trailer has never had an incident that could have cause such a thing. In response to my concerns, the Gulfstream representative was rude, unhelpful, and denied any issues (notwithstanding other similar complaints from others). All of these were either manufacture, assembly or quality control issues that Gulfstream should have addressed before the unit left their factory.
Re: Gulf Stream Visa travel trailerleonmachaHave Visa 19ERD about one year old and 3000 miles on the road. Tires are badly worn on inside, will have to replace. Trailing arm axle suspension. Tires only 1/4 inch wider apart at front than rear. Air pressure maintained, not overloaded, no damage. What is problem?
Re: Gulf Stream Visa travel trailerTerryOn the back of my Visa 19RSD is a white LED strip above the rear window. Is this supposed to be the backup light? It doesn't seem to come on for anything.
Re: Gulf Stream Visa travel trailerKen BWe have a 2010 model and it's given us nothing but pleasure. Like Gulf Stream.
Re: Gulf Stream Visa travel trailerDonMitsuWe bought a Visa 19RSD in June and have really enjoyed it! There's not another TT as functional for us and as lightweight on the market. The Ground Clearance has not been an issue at any of the State Parks we've been to so far
Re: Gulf Stream Visa travel trailerL. MachaViewed 4 models at May's in Lewisville, TX. Great salesman, very innovative product. Good floor plans esp the 19ERD. Low ground clearance. Will that be a problem with average terrain?
Re: Gulf Stream Visa travel trailerRicSaw this TT at an RV show and it is impressive. There is a lot of value packed into 3500# towable. I had two concerns. One, there are too many pipes and wires strung along the underside; seems like running over a thrown retread could do a great deal of damage and after looking at it a bit I figured I could probably crawl under there and get most of it locked into a safer position. Two, the septic drain is immediately behind the left wheel suspended maybe 6 inches above the ground. Hit one pot hole and the valve and hookup are gone and the tank contents and spraying all over. If I end up buying this one, and it is one of the top two choices, I would immediately take it to a metal fabricator and have a cage welded on the frame around the septic connect.
Re: Gulf Stream Visa travel trailerTommy CI'm really interested in this trailer and would like to hear from anyone who's seen one at a dealer. I particularly like the 19RSD floorplan with the bunks but we have no local dealers.
Re: Gulf Stream Montaj class A motorhomeTherese Can the MONTAJ pull a 7500 lb trailier? Looking to buy.
Re: Gulf Stream Montaj class A motorhomeRoy HughesI think this Montaj is leading. It's a bit different from my Fleetwood which gets 7 mpg. 13 mpg sounds good to me.
Gulf Breeze by Gulf Stream coachANOWe looked for about a year and ran across a dealer in Iowa, nice family owned Rv dealer showed us the 08 Gulf Breeze 30TDSS and were amazed how much they changed the unit in one year and he saved us $3,000. It was nice, clean and well laid out. no issues with the unit Based upon your experiences, would you buy one of this manufacturer's RVs again?: Yes. Rating: 5/5.
2006 Gulf Stream TourmasterRick HI have the 2006 Gulf Stream Tourmaster, Beautiful coach and no problems. This is our 3rd coach and the nicest. Like Gulf Stream
Re: 2008 Gulf Stream TourmasterVictor GI had a Phoeton too with only 330 hp cat engine. This has the option of a 400 hp cummins or a 330 mercedes. Any opinions anyone?
Re: 2008 Gulf Stream TourmasterChris and Toni WellsI have a 2006 Tourmaster T40. This is a very nice coach at a very nice price. I was nearly put off buying it by an article I read on some website (not RoTi) complaining about the A/C units. I've used it in very high temperatures however and can say nothing about it other than the A/C is more than adequate. Perhaps they upgraded it or the insulation. As for the rest of the coach we just think it's a dream. We traded in a 2002 Tifin Phaeton to buy this. We loved the Phaeton but this is a better coach. Recommend Gulf Stream. Based upon your experiences, would you buy one of this manufacturer's RVs again?: Yes. Rating: 5/5.
2006 Gulf Stream Endura 31' Class CRick MarstonWe have a Gulf Stream. A 2006 Endura. We've really loved this RV and used it a lot since we bought it. It's changed our lifestyle and if you're thinking about doing it you should. The endura is wonderful but we've had a few problems. We had a clogged fuel filter that caused a lot of worries and quite a few electrical problems. These were sorted by the dealer but the worst was the slideout locked out. Took us 3 days to get someone to come out and look at it because I didn't want to drive it with it out. It was fixed but it still makes me nervous. Other than that I recommend Gulfstream. Happy camping everyone.

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