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Fleetwood "Drive Your Toys to Illinois" national rally
June 26-30, 2010

All Fleetwood motor home owners, regardless of brand, are welcome to attend the national rally"

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Fleetwood Southwind class A motorhome exterior 
 2010 Fleetwood Southwind
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Decatur, Ind. – (May 3, 2010) – Fleetwood RV, Inc., a leading producer of Class A and Class C recreational vehicles, today announced key supplier support for its upcoming “Drive Your Toys to Illinois” national rally in Du Quoin, Ill. June 26-30, 2010.

Supplier-sponsored events include:
  • Musical entertainment from Blue Suede Crew and New Odyssey sponsored by Sony®
  • Breakfast sponsored by Spartan Chassis and Vomela
  • Ice cream social sponsored by Farm & City Insurance Services

The press release goes on to say:

In addition over 30 suppliers have signed up to provide service support and conduct seminars, such as “Understand, Monitor, and Protect Your Electrical Systems” and “Satellite TV for Your RV.”

“We work with some of the best suppliers in the industry and appreciate the generous support we have received so far,” said John Draheim, CEO and president of Fleetwood RV, Inc. “Our goal at this event is to create an educational and fun atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. Participation from our supplier partners creates a unique opportunity for our customers to meet and discuss the latest information directly with the companies that provide the products and services.”

All Fleetwood motor home owners, regardless of brand, are welcome to attend the national rally, which will feature the latest line up of motor homes, factory service support, and a variety of kids activities.

Early bird registration fees include four nights of camping, four breakfasts, three dinners and two evenings of entertainment:
  • 1 coach / 1 person: $209 (increases to $239 after May 23)
  • 1 coach / 2 people: $249 (increase to $279 after May 23)
  • Kids (ages 12 – 17): $39
  • Kids (under 12): Free
  • Additional people (ages 18 and over) - $59 per person
For more information about the “Drive Your Toys to Illinois,” national rally, including how to register and a list of participating suppliers and vendors, visit www.fleetwoodrv.com/mhevent.
Fleetwood RV, Inc., headquarted in Decatur, Ind., is a leading manufacturer of Class A and Class C recreational vehicles, and was recognized as the number one manufacturer of Class A motor homes in calendar year 2009 by Statistical Surveys, Inc., a reporting service based in Grand Rapids, Mich.
Fleetwood Icon class C motorhome exterior 
 2010 Fleetwood Icon
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Re: Fleetwood Discoveryjanelldan - my front tv was plugged into some type of adapter (in the cabinet above the driver seat) that made it cut off when you cranked the engine...i just removed it.
Re: Fleetwood Southwind class A motorhomeRonWe have a 2007 35a the wall and kitchen sink pull apart when the sun heats up the right side. no answer from Fleetwood. it will pull apart 1/4 in.
Re: Fleetwood Southwind class A motorhomeShawnBought a 2006 37c used with 15,000 miles. Very confused though, I can not find a 2006 like mine. It has all the same stuff as the 2007, front grille, pass thru into the bathroom from the bedroom. This is our first motorhome, love it, but now have to sell it, just not sure how to say 2006 title, 2007 parts and floor plan. Email 2rotn@bresnan.net if you can explain.
Re: Fleetwood Southwind class A motorhomeShawnBought a 2006 37c used with 15,000 miles. Very confused though, I can not find a 2006 like mine. It has all the same stuff as the 2007, front grille, pass thru into the bathroom from the bedroom. This is our first motorhome, love it, but now have to sell it, just not sure how to say 2006 title, 2007 parts and floor plan. Email 2rotn@bresnan.net if you can explain.
Re: Fleetwood Southwind class A motorhomeShawnBought a 2006 37c used with 15,000 miles. Very confused though, I can not find a 2006 like mine. It has all the same stuff as the 2007, front grille, pass thru into the bathroom from the bedroom. This is our first motorhome, love it, but now have to sell it, just not sure how to say 2006 title, 2007 parts and floor plan. Email 2rotn@bresnan.net if you can explain.
Re: Fleetwood Southwind class A motorhomemarvinWe own a 2001 southwind 35R with 65,000 miles and we love it.We bought it new in 2002 and the only problem we have had was the dealer.Their service department was almos non existand.
Re: Fleetwood Bounder Classic class A motorhomeGary TerryWe have the 2014 Bounder classic and love most of it! However, we are very dissatisfied that the back AC drains onto the Drivers side slide and I'm talking gallons of water, I have to spend an hour tilting the home to remove most of it, the remainder we have to put towels on top of the slide as we pull it in. Huge pain, got to be a solution. Dealer/Service Center tells us everyone has that problem, we haven't found anyone else who does!
Re: Fleetwood DiscoveryCatherineWe really like the layout of the Fleetwood discovery, but want one with a king bed. do any exist?
Re: Fleetwood Southwind class A motorhomeJoeyDo you have this problem? Own 2007 Southwind 35A with a problem of sink cabinet trim pulling away from wall when sun shines on the outside wall. Closes back when wall is shaded. Fleetwood service center was no help
Re: Fleetwood Bounder gas class A motorhomeDennis SWe have a 2011 Blunder Classic, which is a very good looking MH,,, but 45 pages including pictures dates time etc. it don't work to show proof or even get the attn.of the dealer(s), 4 in our case ,one flat refused to look at it. Main issue is the blk tank .IT HAS A DISK CUTOUT still in it and will not drain, Ive seen it float by ...while testing for it and the TECH saw it too. and the Dealer of Grass Valley did nothing. It took 6mths to get to a repair shop that would do the work... in San Jose initials are CP at A___n rv ... excellent, thorough, super reputation, I support. They should build the Rvs then all would be good. Mind you this is only one issue of a list of very poor quality control problems. it been over a year since we acquired and the MH is still sick, and stnky
Re: Fleetwood Tioga motorhomeDE EggmanWe have a 2005 Tioga our second tioga and we love it it drives great, handles great. love the layout lots of storage. this one is our 14 th unit we've been camping for 47 yrs. we've had 3 5th wheels one class A and 4 Class C's the rest were travel trailers and tioga's have been far the units we ever owned. the only thing to buy is Tioga. keep up the good work guys... .
Re: Fleetwood DiscoveryDale MacWe have a 2008 40x coach experiencing some issues be forwarned the door awning will need repair, the brake activation control switch will have to be done, two water tank connections will need to be attended too, regular trany services and oil changes on all components. We enjoy the unit but it has been high maintenence so far. We only travel 5000 miles per year so bring the chq book. Great unit all in all.
Re: Fleetwood Tioga motorhomeSaraWe purchased a 2011 Tioga Fleetwood motorhome two summers ago in the Denver area -- a HUGE MISTAKE -- it is CHEAPLY made with only retailer profit in mind and not customer satisfaction and longevity. Our problems are constant and always ongoing: door latches that won't work, cheap compartment enclosure hardware on all cupboard doors and drawers that break on the first use (nothing attaches properly and screws are too small), refrigerator and couch that are much too small, cheap outside compartment seals that come loose either by sticking to the doors when they're opened or the seals completely dislodge from the edges -- upfront replacement cost for the consumer, compartment doors with hardware to hold them open made of plastic and break easily, low grade carpet, etc. We have used our motorhome seven times and each time we return home we have another major project on our hands -- spend additonal hours fixing something that is broken or which has been dislodged after traveling 50 miles. DO NOT PURCHASE A TIOGA MOTORHOME CLASS C -- they ared not worth the money and the quality of the construction is beyond BAD!
Re: Fleetwood Tioga motorhomeDiddyWe are considering the 31N too. The one we have driven handles poorly - much worse than our 2003 Coachman. Anyone else notice the sloppy steering wheel?
Re: Fleetwood DiscoveryDavid LuseDoes anyone know how high the 1997 Fleetwood discovery 36' is? I want to know if it will fit through the barn door. Please reply to dsluse@iglide.net Anymajor issues with this year/model? Thank you.
Re: Fleetwood Flair class A motorhomestephenMy wife and i just bought a 2005 flair as our first motorhome.We have had it for two months and have camped 10 times and have added 1700 miles to the 22,000 that were on it.We have had no prob at all and really like our coach.Great entry leval coach to those looking to go this route.
Re: Fleetwood Terry Premier Travel Trailerharrislooked at a 98 20 ft terry online any one know how much this weighs?
Re: Fleetwood Tioga motorhomeNashville RVerWe bought our first rv several months ago after renting one for the first time last year. We didn't do a lot of shopping around but did do extensive Internet research. We purchased a 2011 Fleetwood Tioga 24 DSL. We love the rv but are disappointed in the quality - cheap hardware, wood trim covered in contact paper, and just sloppy workmanship. Our unit spent 5 weeks in the shop 100 miles away for a list of fixes that included window Leaks, trim that feel off the slideout while driving down the road, exhaust bracket broken, diesel generator problem, both sinks leaked, etc. We got our rv back 3 days before a planned week long trip and half the things that were supposed to be fixed weren't!! Our dealer is over 120 miles away!! We expected a few issues but nothing quite like this. In retrospect I think we would have done much more shopping around and manufacturer research!
Re: Fleetwood American Tradition luxury motorcoachBob NebelWe also own a 2008 American Tradition with the full wall slide and rear bathroom. We love our coach. It has performed well with very few minor problems.These were taken care of by the American Coach Factory Service Team headed by Randy.I had my problems repaired at a FMCA National Convention and therefore didn't even have to add additional travel to our trip. Fleetwood and American Coach has always been known for there service and I can say they live up to their reputation. Safe travels, look at American Coach before you purchase.
Re: Fleetwood Storm class A motorhomeDave WWe purchased a 2011 Fleetwood Storm last October. It has been nothing but a nightmare. From generator failing (during hurricane Irene) to windshield moulding falling out, to fan to cool refrigerator improperly located etc etc. Our biggest complaint is the overhead bed in the front of the unit! When going down hill, braking etc it screaches and rattles to the point of being unable to carry on a conversation in the coach. Our dealer has tried numerous fixes as advised by Fleetwood. Some relief has been obtained, but the problem is still there. Personally I think it's a design flaw that needs to be remedied back at the drawing board. It has completely soured my wife and I on the whole motorhome experience.

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