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Luxury motorcoaches are built on special chassis and usually equipped with the finest materials and advanced components and technology available..  They usually have a rear diesel engine (diesel pusher) and are in the price range of $200,000 or more, right up to perhaps even $3 million.  We give reviews of these coaches here and you can read peoples comments and experiences ..See also Class A motorhomes

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Tiffin Phaeton motorhome

 Tiffin Phaeton motorhome
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RoTi luxury motorcoach reviews
2014 Thor Motor Coach's All-New Tuscany Luxury Diesel MotorhomeA sophisticated combination of high-end living features and elegant automotive design.
Beaver Marquis 2007"Unlike any other RV on the road today
Beaver Marquis luxury motorcoach 2008"Our goal is to cater for those who want more - unlike any other RV on the road today"
Beaver Patriot Thunder luxury motorcoach 2010"Sure to stir your emotions .. for excitement of a different kind, take a tour of the opulent interior"
Blue Bird Wanderlodge debut 2009The new Wanderlodge luxury coach will debut at the 2008 Florida Supershow ... "breaks the motor coach mold"
Country Coach Affinity luxury motorcoach 2008"Every inch of handcrafted woodwork, each expanse of luxurious tile, each swath of sumptuous fabric, is shaped, placed, and finished just for you."
Country Coach Allure Founder's Edition luxury motorcoach 2008"See what happens when the man who started it all (Bob Lee) gets his way"
Country Coach Prevost 2007"World's finest motorcoaches"
Country Coach Rhapsody luxury motorcoach 2008"The world's finest motorcoach"
Damon Tuscany - SIX slides model - luxury motorcoach 2008"Sophisticated and elegant design"
Damon Tuscany luxury motorcoach 2008"A sophisticated combination of high-end living features and elegant automotive design."
Fleetwood American Coach American Eagle luxury motorcoach 2010"The American Eagle's irresistible style, performance, and luxury will set your heart soaring"
Fleetwood American Tradition luxury motorcoach 2008"Passion meets craftsmanship"
Fleetwood Discovery 2007"Many high end facilities as standard"
Fleetwood Revolution luxury motorcoach 2008"Style to burn, best of everything, grand appeal"
Forest River Berkshire luxury motorcoach 2008"Finally a diesel where luxury is truly within reach"
Liberty Elegant Lady luxury motorcoach 2008"The highest quality, most technologically advanced motorcoach available."
Mandalay Presidio 2007 "Affordable luxury diesel motorhome"
Mandalay Tag Axle Model 43C luxury motorcoach 2008The third tag axle model - "luxury living in an expansive floorplan"
Mandalay Tag Axle models luxury motorcoaches 2008"elegant interior & enhanced exterior"
Marathon Coach luxury motorcoach 2008The world's largest bus converter completes the world's first quad-slide Prevost conversion
Monaco Cayman 2011 motorhome press releaseMonaco announces the 2011 Monaco Cayman luxury motorhome - article with links and reviews
Monaco Cayman luxury motorhome 2011"4 creative floorplans, the new Roadmaster RR8R chassis, new full-body paint and graphics, the power of a Cummins diesel, ceramic tiles - Cayman delivers quality and style"
Monaco Diplomat luxury motorhome 2011"More powerful and luxurious than ever - this beauty brings the muscle. And prepare to be wowed with the Diplomat’s four new creative floorplans"
Monaco Dynasty luxury motorhome 2010"A luxury motorcoach that’s designed for both the journeys and the destinations. Designed to add volumes to your life story."
Monaco Executive luxury motorcoach 200845' with 4 slides and luxury throughout
Monaco Knight luxury motorcoach 2007"Value packed beauty ... with plush new sofas and decors"
Monaco Signature luxury motorcoach 2008Top of the line Monaco - "Getting there in magnificent style"
Newmar Dutch Aire luxury motorcoach 2009"Making its debut in 2009, the Dutch Aire offers you one of the best values in the luxury motorcoach class with an almost incomparable level of luxury"
Newmar Essex diesel pusher luxury motorhome 2010"The Essex Diesel Pusher is simply one of the most luxurious coaches you will ever find. Breathtaking.. bold.. beautiful.. the Essex is truly a luxury coach to behold."
Newmar London Aire luxury motorcoach 2008"A symbol of your love for the finer things in life"
Rexhall Aerbus / RexAir luxury motorcoach 2008"Every uniquely designed interior is luscious and comfortable"
Silver Crown 'S' Series luxury motorcoach 2008"Truly is the new benchmark in luxury motor coach design and craftsmanship .. meticulous engineering .. "
Thor Motor Coach’s New 2013 Tuscany 42WX Luxury Diesel PushersThe Thor Motor Coach Tuscany is a market leader in Canada, holding the top position as the #1 selling Class A Diesel Motorhome brand. It is the fastest growing Class A Diesel Motorhome model in the US of all the major manufacturers.
Tiffin Allegro Bay class A motorhome 2009"You simply won't find another coach that delivers more space and value for the money..."
Tiffin Allegro Bus class A motorhome 2011"Quality that suits a gracious style of living - an exceptional choice for first class travel - no upgrade has been overlooked"
Tiffin Allegro RED 2012"It's the strong silent type."
Tiffin Phaeton class A motorhome 2011"Consistently our bestselling model, it’s also one of the top-selling Class A motor homes in the industry, delivering more luxury and practicality at a greater value than any other diesel pusher on the road."
Tiffin Phaeton luxury motorcoach 2008"The most reasonably priced diesel pusher available"
Tiffin Phaeton luxury motorcoach 40QTH 2008"A new Phaeton floorplan with midsection TV"

Re: Thor Motor Coach Showcases Brand New 2015 Motorhomes on the West CoastKen BrownI had posted a comment about our 2013 Thor Tuscany 42WX back on 11/20/2014. I found out that thor problem was not Thor but was the dealer, Giant RV in Colton Calif. They have to be the worst repair shop around, they had the coach from 11-1-14 thru 11-21-14 and only put the dishwasher together in that 3 week period and then they had it from 12-1-14 thru 1-27-15 and did not get everything fixed. They laid dirty parts and tools on top of our new bedspread, leaving a stain. After we got the coach back on 1-27-15 we found a screwdriver stuck under the rear slideout, I called them and to this date I have not heard back from them. I now have the coach at a different repair shop. I would say to stay away from Giant RV.
Re: Thor Motor Coach Showcases Brand New 2015 Motorhomes on the West CoastKen BrownI had posted a comment about our 2013 Thor Tuscany 42WX back on 11/20/2014. I found out that thor problem was not Thor but was the dealer, Giant RV in Colton Calif. They have to be the worst repair shop around, they had the coach from 11-1-14 thru 11-21-14 and only put the dishwasher together in that 3 week period and then they had it from 12-1-14 thru 1-27-15 and did not get everything fixed. They laid dirty parts and tools on top of our new bedspread, leaving a stain. After we got the coach back on 1-27-15 we found a screwdriver stuck under the rear slideout, I called them and to this date I have not heard back from them. I now have the coach at a different repair shop. I would say to stay away from Giant RV.
Re: How to sell your RV without really tryingCathy TMy RV is on consignment at a local dealer. I just found out it is being rented out.I am not happy. What can I do? This is a BRAND NEW unit.
Re: Fort Wayne RV Show Expects Nearly 300 RVs and CampersSteve MartinekJust went, spent $15, went to bathroom, left. This is a RV show that features Trailers and 5th wheels. Perhaps under 10%, if being generous, are Class C's or Class A's. So if you are in the market for a Motorhome or a Truck Camper, save your time and money.
Re: Thor Motor Coach Showcases Brand New 2015 Motorhomes on the West CoastKen BrownWe bought a new 2013 Thor Tuscany 42WX at this show. Got to use it one weekend had to take it back to the dealer and it has been there for 3 weeks and still not done. I hope the factory and the dealer get it together soon and get it fixed.
Re: Class C Diesel Motorhomes get Super-Sized, New 35SK Super C RV Unveiled by Thor Motor CoachJo Ann PallWe purchased the Super C Outlaw and it has been a NIGHTMARE, one problem after the other and Thor is NOT helping us at all. Major problems with this unit, Buyer beware!
Re: RV industry bubble - just like housingPatty O CamperI enjoyed reading the interview with Randy Potts, the new CEO of "Winnebago". His comments confirmed the feeling I had about the economy and it's impact on the RV Industry. I also noted he ignored the interviewer' s question about "how president Obama could help the RV industry" the question was stupid. The best thing government can due for the economy in general is to back-off on all the regulations that have strangled the American spirit of self-reliance. The crash in the economy was the result of government involvement in the housing industry. Insisting that banks loaned money for real estate to people who could never make the payments....all in the name of "equality". Banks started to fail, the housing market went into a depression and all because too many unqualified mortgage holders failed to make their payments. During this crisis the government continues to print money every week reducing the value of our currency on the world market and fueling inflation in this country. It is good to see Winnebago isn't in line for any government handouts like too many members of our dependent society seem to be. Reduce regulations, build the Keystone pipeline and the price of fuel for our RV's will go down....and get the ethanol out of our is reducing gas mileage and destroying our motor vehicles!
Re: Roadtrek Is Number 1 In Class B Sales YTD For February 2014Johni would like to find out how I can get a Manuel showing how to operate everything.Also would like know how i can buy the seat that go behind the passenger seat.It was taken out.
Re: RVing with Your PetCoryWe travel with 2 senior Goldens and a young one... It is very important that our Fur Babies stay cool, I would have not thought to leave a key with the camp host or a note... We usually don't lock the door when we leave them... And a ramp is very important to have to help get them in and out so the steep stairs don't hurt their hips.
Re: What's The Reason Behind The Shortage of RV DriversTheresaDo you have a phone number. I can't get no info on the net. Thank you much.Drive RV'S Theresa.
Re: Getting Your Kicks at Age 66, the RV LifeCHUCK AND LIZWe were full time RV'er for 7 years while I was still working. My job included travel so the RV was perfect. Retired now (67) but have COPD and require oxygen. Bought a house as a home base. Have the house concentrator and bottle charger in washer/dryer compartment. Have a rented backup portable concentrator in living room. We still love our RVing and getting older may mean moving a little slower, but no reason to stop. Just make sure you got your meds and a way to get refills.
Re: Getting Your Kicks at Age 66, the RV LifeJodiAfter reading this article-I am reminded of how wonderful the RVing life is. My husband and I were RVers for 7 years - We never regretted a minute that we spent travelling around and seeing the country. I agree with the writer that when you pull into an RV park - you can make instant friends if you want to. Most people are basically friendly and helpful.
Re: RVing with Your PetKayI have 2 older dogs who are big (84 pounds each) and I'm new to RV'ing with them. Can someone tell me the best way to travel with older dogs? What to look for in a campsite and what ramps are best? They both have hip dysplasia. Thanks!
Re: Gasoline prices set to rise next month but fall overall for the yearcoachman99So the less gas I use the more I pay. What a Rip. We are supposed to get rid of Ethanol, get better mileage, but now raise the price.
Re: Retail sales heat up with new Super C RVs from Thor Motor CoachSuper C Motorhome FanThese new Thor Motor Coach Class Super C Motorhomes looks fantastic, the PowerStroke diesel engine is the best choice for mpg, power, and quality. I'm happy to see Thor start building Super C RVs, I'm sure the will also dominate the other Super C Motorhome manufacturers like they have in the other classes.
Re: Solar Keeps Rising: Stoltzfus RV and Marine Goes Green With SolarShannon ScottsFor the past 3 weeks I have been asking Dometic and Atwood for the efficiency rating (Coeffiency of Performance (COP)) for their heat pump/AC units for my 2002 Carriage. No one, Dometic nor Atwood, will give this data to me. Stating it's unavailable. This date is basic data. All one needs is the input in Watts and the output in BTU per hour when the heat pump is operating without a electric heat strip. It seems that they are trying to hide something. The new heat pump technology is the world most efficient way to heat anything (space or water) period if you have a source of electric (generator or say a fuel cell). If everyone who wanted to buy a heat pump demanded this information then they would have to provide it. The standard GE heat pump at about 9,000 BTUH((Window and PTAC) has a COP of 2.9 to 3.7 resectively at 47 degrees F. That means that for every 1000 watts of electricity used you could get more than 10,000 BTUH of heat. To compare to a stardard electric heater the same 1000 Watts would only produce 3413 BTUH of heat. The COP drops when the outside temperature drops because the heat pump compressor has to work harder to harvest the available ambient heat in the outside air. Are the RV AC/Heat Pump manufacturers trying to hide the fact that they are selling people very low COP heat pumps compared to standard house units out there where as they might have to increase the COP to really compete? PS If anyone out there has access to this data please post it here. Thanks.
Re: Rand McNally and RVDA Dealer and Service Location AppfmprdwgJust purchased 2012 Jayco Seneca 38 foot. Cummins diesel and Freightliner chassis. Lots of power, mileage is a true 10mpg. I have over 4000 miles of travel to prove it. King bed, fireplace, 2 slides, 4 TV's. Only thing I do not like is 2 fuel tanks but not same sized and must use DEF (Diesel Emmision fluid). A real pain on the trunk !!!!
Re: EcoMotors Secures Investment for OPOC EnginelesterndOpposed piston diesels are not new technology. They were used in the 60's in Europe in Dodge trucks. They have a compact height advantage and the engine was under the flatbed.
Re: Minnesota residents evading sales tax by registering RVs in MontanaFritzUsed to live in the Peoples Republic of Minnesota. Vote with your feet. Democrat Farm-Labor says it all. Don't set up a shell corporation; move there, or to any state with a favorable tax structure. I moved when I saw that the state was sucking me dry.
Re: Futuristic Motorhome eleMMentGaryugly.
Re: Minnesota residents evading sales tax by registering RVs in MontanaTwoA corporation is a legal entity. A corporation can own property. If you incorporate in Montana and your corporation is the registured owner of your vehicle and it is registured to the corporation at the Montana corporate hq address you have commited no crime or fraud. You have the legal right to do the above.
Re: The Outdoor Foundation Special Report on CampingGailI don't see the relativity in a report based on a survey done four years ago. A lot has changed in four year - gas/diesel prices, cost of camping. If the Outdoor Foundation is collecting information yearly - why does it take four years to publish this report?
Re: For RV travelers, Cracker Barrel is a home away from homeBUZZI went to school with Dan Evins at Castle Heights -- Lebanon, Tn. He restored the old Mitchell House to corporate offices. I lived in the Mithcell House 1944 and 1945. Had the privilige of spending the afternoon with Dan remembering old times
Re: ADP LightspeedRV Dealer Management SystemHarryWe had a real succesful elimination of "unnecessary" when our dealership made a changeover, from our old dms provider, Reynolds, to this free provider we found with It was a very important step we took but it turned out just fine...
Re: RV industry bubble - just like housingJoeyWe are in a DEPRESSION. The global elite want to break the back of the middle class and bring in the New World Order. The economy is going to drastically change this December. The Amero will be our new form of money. L.L.B.B.
Re: MVP RV electric propulsion RVCraftyRV Lot at Hilton Head Island, SC with Owner Finance, $59,900. ( Contact
Re: MVP RV electric propulsion RVCraftyRV Lot at with owner finance. Lot 85 for $59,900. Contact
Re: Minnesota residents evading sales tax by registering RVs in MontanaStellaWe always heard about people doing that but we never had the nerve.
Re: RVing with Your PetPanchitoI am a pet bird and will be traveling with my parents to California. What do I need to tell my parents, about preparation for my trip?

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2015 Airstream Sport 16 Travel TrailerThe Sport 16 is spacious yet outstandingly fuel-efficient; lightweight, packed with features including water, shower, lights and range; and easy to tow efficiently with sport utility vehicles.3/28/2015 11:48:00 AM
2015 Fleetwood Jamboree Searcher 23B Class C MotorhomeCompact, has a floor plan to fit your travel needs, sleeps 5 and including comfort and high-end amenities.3/22/2015 11:02:00 PM
2015 Heartland Sundance SD 2880 RLT Fifth WheelA luxurious fifth wheel travel trailer with a Class C price.3/17/2015 10:10:00 PM
2015 Livinlite Camplite 8.5 All Aluminum Truck CamperDesigned for the full size, short bed truck with 6’-6'6’’ beds will fit some ½ ton, and all ¾ ton trucks.3/10/2015 10:39:00 PM
2015 Thor Four Winds 29G Class C MotorhomeThe perfect motorhome for the large family, with a much smaller price tag than the Class A with an exterior kitchen.2/27/2015 5:10:00 PM

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