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Luxury motorcoaches are built on special chassis and usually equipped with the finest materials and advanced components and technology available..  They usually have a rear diesel engine (diesel pusher) and are in the price range of $200,000 or more, right up to perhaps even $3 million.  We give reviews of these coaches here and you can read peoples comments and experiences ..See also Class A motorhomes

The 2015 EarthRoamer XV-LTS F-550 Off-Road RV


RoTi luxury motorcoach reviews
2014 Thor Motor Coach's All-New Tuscany Luxury Diesel Motorhome A sophisticated combination of high-end living features and elegant automotive design.
2015 EarthRoamer XV-LTS F-550 Off-Road RV The EarthRoamer XV-LTS is a compact, energy efficient, solar powered home, built on a Ford F-550 truck chassis. So, strap yourself into the seat and feel the power of an EarthRoamer XV-LTS as it tackles your road to adventure. This is NOT your daddy's RV!
Beaver Marquis 2007 "Unlike any other RV on the road today
Beaver Marquis luxury motorcoach 2008 "Our goal is to cater for those who want more - unlike any other RV on the road today"
Beaver Patriot Thunder luxury motorcoach 2010 "Sure to stir your emotions .. for excitement of a different kind, take a tour of the opulent interior"
Blue Bird Wanderlodge debut 2009 The new Wanderlodge luxury coach will debut at the 2008 Florida Supershow ... "breaks the motor coach mold"
Country Coach Affinity luxury motorcoach 2008 "Every inch of handcrafted woodwork, each expanse of luxurious tile, each swath of sumptuous fabric, is shaped, placed, and finished just for you."
Country Coach Allure Founder's Edition luxury motorcoach 2008 "See what happens when the man who started it all (Bob Lee) gets his way"
Country Coach Prevost 2007 "World's finest motorcoaches"
Country Coach Rhapsody luxury motorcoach 2008 "The world's finest motorcoach"
Damon Tuscany - SIX slides model - luxury motorcoach 2008 "Sophisticated and elegant design"
Damon Tuscany luxury motorcoach 2008 "A sophisticated combination of high-end living features and elegant automotive design."
Fleetwood American Coach American Eagle luxury motorcoach 2010 "The American Eagle's irresistible style, performance, and luxury will set your heart soaring"
Fleetwood American Tradition luxury motorcoach 2008 "Passion meets craftsmanship"
Fleetwood Discovery 2007 "Many high end facilities as standard"
Fleetwood Revolution luxury motorcoach 2008 "Style to burn, best of everything, grand appeal"
Forest River Berkshire luxury motorcoach 2008 "Finally a diesel where luxury is truly within reach"
Liberty Elegant Lady luxury motorcoach 2008 "The highest quality, most technologically advanced motorcoach available."
Mandalay Presidio 2007 "Affordable luxury diesel motorhome"
Mandalay Tag Axle Model 43C luxury motorcoach 2008 The third tag axle model - "luxury living in an expansive floorplan"
Mandalay Tag Axle models luxury motorcoaches 2008 "elegant interior & enhanced exterior"
Marathon Coach luxury motorcoach 2008 The world's largest bus converter completes the world's first quad-slide Prevost conversion
Monaco Cayman 2011 motorhome press release Monaco announces the 2011 Monaco Cayman luxury motorhome - article with links and reviews
Monaco Cayman luxury motorhome 2011 "4 creative floorplans, the new Roadmaster RR8R chassis, new full-body paint and graphics, the power of a Cummins diesel, ceramic tiles - Cayman delivers quality and style"
Monaco Diplomat luxury motorhome 2011 "More powerful and luxurious than ever - this beauty brings the muscle. And prepare to be wowed with the Diplomat’s four new creative floorplans"
Monaco Dynasty luxury motorhome 2010 "A luxury motorcoach that’s designed for both the journeys and the destinations. Designed to add volumes to your life story."
Monaco Executive luxury motorcoach 2008 45' with 4 slides and luxury throughout
Monaco Knight luxury motorcoach 2007 "Value packed beauty ... with plush new sofas and decors"
Monaco Signature luxury motorcoach 2008 Top of the line Monaco - "Getting there in magnificent style"
Newmar Dutch Aire luxury motorcoach 2009 "Making its debut in 2009, the Dutch Aire offers you one of the best values in the luxury motorcoach class with an almost incomparable level of luxury"
Newmar Essex diesel pusher luxury motorhome 2010 "The Essex Diesel Pusher is simply one of the most luxurious coaches you will ever find. Breathtaking.. bold.. beautiful.. the Essex is truly a luxury coach to behold."
Newmar London Aire luxury motorcoach 2008 "A symbol of your love for the finer things in life"
Rexhall Aerbus / RexAir luxury motorcoach 2008 "Every uniquely designed interior is luscious and comfortable"
Silver Crown 'S' Series luxury motorcoach 2008 "Truly is the new benchmark in luxury motor coach design and craftsmanship .. meticulous engineering .. "
Thor Motor Coach’s New 2013 Tuscany 42WX Luxury Diesel Pushers The Thor Motor Coach Tuscany is a market leader in Canada, holding the top position as the #1 selling Class A Diesel Motorhome brand. It is the fastest growing Class A Diesel Motorhome model in the US of all the major manufacturers.
Tiffin Allegro Bay class A motorhome 2009 "You simply won't find another coach that delivers more space and value for the money..."
Tiffin Allegro Bus class A motorhome 2011 "Quality that suits a gracious style of living - an exceptional choice for first class travel - no upgrade has been overlooked"
Tiffin Allegro RED 2012 "It's the strong silent type."
Tiffin Phaeton class A motorhome 2011 "Consistently our bestselling model, it’s also one of the top-selling Class A motor homes in the industry, delivering more luxury and practicality at a greater value than any other diesel pusher on the road."
Tiffin Phaeton luxury motorcoach 2008 "The most reasonably priced diesel pusher available"
Tiffin Phaeton luxury motorcoach 40QTH 2008 "A new Phaeton floorplan with midsection TV"
Winnebago Itasca Ellipse diesel class A motorhome 2011 "All new exterior styling takes the 2011 Ellipse to a new level that is matched only by the awe-inspiring interior features, decor and appointments."
Winnebago Tour class A motorhome 2011 "Life on the road is at its finest in the Winnebago Tour - upscale amenities, countless creature comforts and the smooth performance of the heralded Maxum Chassis"
Winnebago Vectra motorcoach 2007 "The flagship of the Winnebago lineup - with unparalleled features and performances"
Winnebago Vectra motorcoach 2008 "The 2008 Vectra is the ultimate in luxury, design and comfort"
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