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Silver Crown "S" Series

"Truly is the new benchmark in luxury motor coach design and craftsmanship .. meticulous engineering .. "

Silver Crown advise Roaming Times that the base MSRP for the "S" Series starts at around $448,900 - "very well equipped"

Silver Crown "S" Series

Economy - safety - ease of service - stability - interior

Danny Lagunas - Sales Manager for Silver Crown
tells Roaming Times:

  • "I have been associated with conversions built on “truck” chassis for a long time, and believe me there is nothing on the road like the Silver Crown S-Series. 

  • I had a call from a dealer last week; he said his driver drove the 600 miles at 70 MPH and averaged 7.3 miles per gallon. Not bad considering the coach had a 515 hp engine and it is new. That is another example of the low cost of ownership designed into the Silver Crown.

  • If one studies the Silver Crown from a safety aspect, rather than no protection in front of the driver/passenger compartment, there is six feet of hood, like a car. 

  • Another major point I hear is service. When servicing a Silver Crown S-Series, the technician just pops the hood, no need to walk to the bedroom and an oil change or fuel filter replacement can be done at most truck stops or any of the Freightliner service centers open 24/7. 

  • The stability is also un-matched and after driving for a distance, the driver is not “worn out” from fighting the road or wind.

  • Some of the comments were made after being in an S-Series, and to answer some of them; the dark floor is only one we offer, however light or dark, it is cleaned with a Swiffer duster or any soiled area is cleaned with warm water, no need for harsh cleaners on granite floors."


Silver Crown "S" Series floorplan

Silver Crown "S" Series floorplan
Click to see the floorplan in more detail

Click here to see the 39' floorplan

Just some of the features of the Silver Crown "S" Series:

  • Freightliner chassis - 515 HP Detroit diesel with 1650 ft lbs torque

  • Laminated Gel Coat Fiberglass walls with Aluminum Frame

  • 3” Laminated Floor System w/2” foam insulation

  • Crowned foam insulated aluminum framed laminated roof

  • Fiberglass molded aero front and rear caps

  • Four point automatic hydraulic leveling System

  • Full body paint with high gloss finish

  • Fully undercoated undercarriage

  • Insulated Baggage doors w/power locks (n/a all doors)

  • Combination pantograph and side swing baggage doors

  • 30,000 lb hitch

  • Wide range of options

Silver Crown "S" Series interior

Silver Crown "S" Series bedroom



Silver Crown "S" Series

"Truly is the new benchmark in luxury motor coach design and craftsmanship .. meticulous engineering .. "

Silver Crown advise Roaming Times that the base MSRP for the "S" Series starts at around $448,900 - "very well equipped"

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Forum - readers comments:

Hi I'm bob :   This is a real beauty other than my wife

Hi I'm bob :   This is a real beauty other than my wife

Brandon :   This thing is just AFRIGGINMAZING i just saw it on RV 2010... And i must say i can see how it got best of show this year.. So to make a long story short 500k+ it is WELL worth the money with what you get.. I am a camper myself and in LOVE with this thing.. So if i had the money i would buy one before the dime hit the floor and i had time to think about it. And just knowing that i could drive that beast w/o and endorcements is frankly insane.. The heated floors the way the lighting is and the heating and cooling is pretty slick.. So for anybody looking to spend 525k on a rig and live like a pimp BUY THIS THING..

Herkeng :   Are they still in business? The NADA book shows their last listing in 2008.

Catherine :   We just got one, thanks to the tanked economy the prices are very reasonable right now. Never driven anything so comfortable, safe, well built and down right gorgeous. It's a dream, the engine is quiet, we can talk with one another in cockpit which was impossible in previous rig. Yes it is a truck, and that's the great advantage. It's the best ever. Will never go back.

Marion :   Just got mine from HGRS. Pulling a 32ft. trailer with no problem and fuel mileage is better than what I had thought. Everything about the coach is top notch and the sales people at HGRS were right on the money with all they promised. Hope to have this thing for a long time

Candace Beaulne :   I was looking at one very closely in Leduc Alberta Canada. My salesman, Rick, was very helpful in pointing out the "hidden strenghts" of the coach, as well as communicationg the redesigned features on the newer models. When comapred to some of the higher end Class A units, avaialble, this one seems to offer just as much - if not more - in terms of functional features PLUS it's all wrapped up in an easy to enter, easy to drive lower profile chassis! There is also lots of flexibility with interior looks - ie the mirror, color of flooring, counters, wood selections etc - My husband and I Loved it!

joe schmow :   You should keep who evers idea it was for putting up the ceiling mirror. I love it!

jack :   Too expensive, too much Bling Bling. No competition for Renegade, NRC, United or Haulmark. Can buy them all day long for $225.000, well equipted.

Kerin473 :   This makes RVing into trucking. I like it and think it would be safer than an RV and easier to maintain.

Mike Haut :   I wonder what engine noise is like? Basically you're in a truck but I've never been in a truck so I don't know what it's like? Like the safety point of six feet of hood in front like a truck though and the service availability.

chris connor :   This really is very nice but way too expensive for me!!

Holly Bergman :   Now THIS is an RV! I'd trade it for my Fleetwood today if I had the money. Maybe soon. Agree about the safety factors being expressed more also don't like the ceiling mirror. Class A, Class C, who cares it's in a class of its own.

Delta Bunny :   I would love to own this rig if it just had more visablity from the back of the drivers seat. I like the frame, motor combo, but I really like the look of the overall home. None the less, I have to have more vision from behind the seats for guests. The price is too much, but quite honestly, what home on the road isn't too much for what you get. This should be a safe home for those looking at big safety units. Buy the way, why do the motorhome guys not express more safety items in their homes? Maybe we should be more insistant on whats there to protect us instead on whats there to make us feel warm and fuzzy.

Tominator :   Looked at them several times. Cab area is too small. The engine noise is to much. The view of the scenery is too small. Can not bring it into class A only camp grounds, which I think will change. The ride is most likely just like a truck. However, it is most likely better than anything except a Prevost, Newell or Foretravel.

TravlynWomyn :   This is nice (without the ceiling mirror or black floors), but for $120,000 less I'd prefer an Optima. We've been looking at them for two years now and think they are far superior.

Mike :   The joke is it is a class "C", not permitted in many MotorCoach resorts, go figure.

RVBob :   I have never driven one but sure would like to. Jake560 when you say you are building one for 60K, that can't include a new truck. That sure would be a great project

Lee :   I just love it. This might not be the right coach for everyone and maybe it's not right even for me - but man, ahm a gonna git me one!!!

Fran :   How about that shiny black floor! Wouldn't that be fun to keep clean!

-Jake560 :   I am in the process of building a similar rig. You can do it for about 60K.

Orange County Ca :   Americans really do have too much money.

Keith Barnes :   This would be my choice if I could afford it. It looks solid unlike my Monaco that gets easily caught by the wind. Most RVs are really carrying too much weight but this looks as if it can carry anything you want.


ross :   Think it looks like a perfect rv but agree about the ceiling mirror, looks awful.

steve :   Sorry my house does not cost this much as far as all the comforts of home well maybe

Shadow :   If I could aford it, I'd trade in my Revolution in a heartbeat. PS - drop the ceiling mirror. I'm too old for the floor.

Donald L. Baker :   I have looked at this at the FMCA Rally and it is probably going to be my next RV. For the price it is extremely well equipped

Connie :   This is a truck. I like trucks.

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