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2008 Roadtrek 190-Popular

"An ideal way to leave the rest of the world behind without sacrificing creature comforts or driving and parking convenience"

Roadtrek is the number one selling class B motorhome in North America.

The Roadtek 190-Popular is based on the Chevrolet Express 3500 extended van. Roadtrek say that "the 190 models set the mood whether you're lazing down endless backcountry roads, or searching for that restaurant the locals have been raving about".

Roadtrek 190-Popular

It seats 2 to 5 and sleeps 2 to 3 in front single and rear twins or king-size bed.

Roadtrek 190-Popular floorplan It's a great floorplan, the rear dinette converts to a sumptuous king-size bed (6'4" long on one side) or into two comfy twin beds (6'4" & 6’0” long) with a night table between. If you prefer, instead of the night table, you can get two more forward facing seatbelts at the rear.

There's also a full-length wardrobe, loads of storage, a front dining table and a well-equipped galley.

A wonderful looking interior:

Roadtrek 190-Popular twin bed - interior

Optional king bed view.  The optional premium brand flat screen TV "allows you to watch TV in bed or swing it into the aisle to watch in comfort from the front captain's seats"

  Roadtrek 190-Popular king bed - interior

Just some of the features of the Roadtrek 190-Popular:

  • Dometic’ recessed air conditioner & heat pump, 12000 BTU standard
  • Bathroom - temporarily enclosed with bifold door (creates private change area as well)
  • Gas mileage - Roadtrek says:  A 190 can get about 16 to 18 mpg 
  • How does the shower work?  Roadtrek says: "Pull the curtain out of the closet. As it travels along a track on the ceiling, it surrounds you making a shower stall in the center of the van. There is a drain in the fiberglass lowered floor"
  • How many showers can I get from the fresh water tank?  Roadtrek says: "Four to six if you conserve water"


Roadtrek 190-Popular

"An ideal way to leave the rest of the world behind without sacrificing creature comforts or driving and parking convenience"


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Forum - readers comments:
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getaway :   To anyideas ....when I had the fantastic fan put in the tech guy told me when the fan quit working the switch that is on the vent is probably stuck so go up on the roof and make sure the switch the switch is working

anyideas :   looking for the person who posted .."also fixed the ceiling fan in my roadtrex"...posted name..TREKKER...wondering what else I can do to get mine working..checked fuses,power ok,no loose wires,just stopped working..sure helps alot for air in my coach area..any help has sensors and speed control is the fan on top of my roadtrex with the vent that opens out..ty

Bruce :   I would love a picture of a 1991 dodge roadtrek popular custom trailer hitch from under the van. This hitch was designed by Roadtrek. I have the sketch, would like to see it installed.

Mrargie Lavin :   One of the many problems we have with our 2010 Roadtrek 190 Popular is that when we open the awning, we cannot get into our van. They have installed the awning too low. Is anybody had a problem like that?.

Tom :   To Maggie... We purchased a 2011 Popular- Same window problem. Dealer removed & resealed. No problem since. Can't comment on the toilet, but suggest that a dealership will remedy.

Margie Lavin :   Last August we bought a 2010 Roadtrek Popular and have had problems since then. We bought a lemon. The major one is the side window in the back leaks, The side wall and bed gets wet, and the pump for the toilet does not work. We live in a small province and nobody knows how to change that pump, and we can't find where the problem is for the window. Is anybody had problems like that.

Carilyn :   I just bought a 1997 roadtrek 190 popular. It has the bed in the back. I want to put a bench seat in the back so that I can buckle up a couple more people. Has anybody done this, or can anyone give me some advice/suggestions on how to get a couple of safe seats in it

Carilyn :   I just bought a 1997 roadtrek 190 popular. It has the bed in the back. I want to put a bench seat in the back so that I can buckle up a couple more people. Has anybody done this, or can anyone give me some advice/suggestions on how to get a couple of safe seats in it

Carilyn :   I just bought a 1997 roadtrek 190 popular. It has the bed in the back. I want to put a bench seat in the back so that I can buckle up a couple more people. Has anybody done this, or can anyone give me some advice/suggestions on how to get a couple off safe seating seats in it

Debbie :   I have a 1994 roadtrek 190 versatile I need to replace ac how to get old one out my email

John Puccetti :   What mileage do you realy get from a 2011 190 Popular? Our computor says 9 mpg

Fatty Falcone :   I smelled gas, saw a small leak on the drivers side of my chevy 2003 190 popular, so I removed the fuel tank ( plastic ) and found that it leaked at the factory pressed in filler connection seal at the top of the tank, I could not find a after market tank for a 2003 and a new tank from chevy runs $1200.00 with out installation so i took JB weld and give it 3 coats and my problem was solve, I just hope it holds up ? Fatty

Fatty Falcone :   I just replaced the propane regulator for the BBQ, on my 2003 roadtrek popular 190, do to it being mounted on it's side instead of flat,( no room to mount it flat) the trailer hitch has to be removed to get access to it.

pennysmom :   We recently purchased a 1998 Roadtrek 190 Popular and are readying it for our shake-down trip before planning a lengthy trip early next year. Can someone tell me how to replace the sewer hose on a 1998? What's there is only about 4 feet long and fairly brittle.

Jon :   I own a 1994 Roadtrek 190 Popular and I am extreamly pleased with it. My grandfather left it to me when he passed away in 2008. Growing up with my grandparents I was around when they bought our Roadtrek new from the lot. I do have some issues with the generator as my grandfather could not keep up with the monthly maintenance during his later years. I was in the military overseas and couldn't help maintain it. The passenger door window goes up when it wants too. Going down, not a problem. We have had the engine replaced twice, due to bad mechanics but it runs GREAT now. Now my wife and I enjoy the Roadtrek on the weekends and been camping in it a couple of times. I highly reccomend the Roadtrek Club especially for new R/T owners. They have awesome ralleys every year. Something that my grandparents and I used to take advantage of. The left and right rear farrings were damaged when a tow truck driver didn't know what he was doing and cracked both of them. Due to my line of work I was able to fix it and you cant even tell except for the paint. But once again, Roadtreks are really a way to go. However I am eventually going to get a trailer to tow behind for longer camp stays. But for weekends and what not GREAT RIG!

Howard :   I've owned a Roadtrek 190 for 3 years with no problems other than routine maintenance. It's really changed our lives we use it at weekends and never worry about hotels.

Fatty Falcone :   My 2003 chevy road trek 190 poplars onan generator with only 500 hrs of use stopped working, the inner windings burn out, it cost me $2048.00 to get it repaired.other wise, no other problems except for the drivers side power window,an $800.00 repair( you have to get the track and motor, it's all one part )

Dave Cortese :   Dear Trekker: I have a 1994 Class B 190. I am looking for an airconditioner that will fit in the space that I have (13 1/8" high and 21" wide. Do you know where I can get a 10,000 BTU a/c to fit this size? My email is I would appreciate your help. Dave Cortese

Trekker :   I’ve owned a 1995 Roadtrek 190 Versatile Dodge with a 318 V-8 since late-‘94. It wasn't easy, but I lived in it full-time for 8 years in all! I've towed a 24' trailer & a small pickup truck with it. It has 80,000 mi. on it now & I'm planning to start travelling again this summer. All in all, it has been a great vehicle. Problems? Not many. Roadtrek had a recall on this model in '95/'96 for a serious brake problem. The rear spring could rupture the brake line leaving you without brakes - brake line needed to be rerouted. The day after I received the notice, I lost the brakes just as I was pulling into a campsite! Roadtrek paid for towing & repair. Make sure the previous owner has had this work done. Speaking of brakes, my vehicle seems to need the front rotors "turned" more often than it should. I suspect the brakes aren't heavy-duty enough for the load I'm putting on them & I don't know of any solution. When I had the first full tune-up done (36,000 mi.), the mechanic told me he couldn't replace the fuel filter because it was impossible to reach. At 50,000 mi. the filter clogged up completely. In order to get at it, they had remove the holding tanks and toilet! They reinstalled it under the passenger door. Needless to say, this was a VERY expensive fix for a problem that could have been avoided had Roadtrek spent 15 minutes & a few dollars more when assembling the vehicle. I called them & complained bitterly! They refused to pay a penny for the repairs. The original rear air conditioner was only 7500 BTUs - not enough to cool when in the hot sun. It went out in a few years and I replaced it with a 10,000 BTU unit that does the job. At about 72,000 mi. I had problems with the idler pulley on the Dodge engine. Besides the pulley, I had some hoses, belts & other parts replaced. It wound up to be rather expensive. By the way, as with any Class B RV, some repairs tend to be more expensive because there is more labor involved in getting at the problem. For instance, the refrigerator has to be removed to clean the igniter. I've also replaced the ceiling fan, toilet, stove exhaust fan, tires, shocks, etc....what I consider normal stuff. And, I've maintained the vehicle religiously (that's important). Sound like a lot? Did I discourage you? I hope not. Look at it this way, these are ALL the major repairs I've had with this RV in almost 14 years! Ask any other RV owner and I'm sure they will tell you that: "That ain't bad!" And I love the compact size, maneuverability, gas mileage, and the fact that you can park it just about anywhere. I still think it's a great vehicle. Give it a try!

olddog :   Our 2007 Roadtrek 190 versatile. It will not take a fast gas fill. Seems to be on all 2007 models.

Randy in California :   I just purchased a 2007 RT 190 4x4...I seem to be having gas gauge just from 1/2 to inder 3/4 every now and then...and the gas tank will not take a fast anyone else having these problems and have you fixed them???

Jack K Peters :   Finally! A US build RV with a full wraparound shower curtain.

Wendy & Steve :   Roadtrek owners - We are considering buying a used 1995 Roadtrek (190?)with 10,000 miles on it. We would like some feedback from someone who has one now or has owned one previously. We have never owned an RV before and are just a tad hesitant. Thank you.

DesrtDrmr :   The Roadtrek 190 Popular will not take a lift for your powerchair without removing the bathroom. I know this because we tried! We settled for an auto lift on the back. The RT is very low, and I could get up into it. Bruno makes a captains chair that lowers to the ground to pick you up and raises one back into the rig. I saw a brochure. The only Class B I have seen that had a lift was a Leisure Travel....and they were few and far between. Both of the ones I saw and called about were previously sold. Good Luck.

Desert Dreamer :   We've had travel trailers, Class A motorhomes from 32 to 36 feet, a truck camper and a Class B+ motorhome before buying our Road Trek. We LOVE the RoadTrek, easy to drive, easy to park, and perfect for travelling.

retired4fun :   We own a RT gives us the mobility and freedom to go when and where we please. With our previous TT's, and a C, we always had to be on the lookout for a CG. Now we stop when we want - the Trek fits in where cars go so we can utilize parking lots, etc. It has all the amenities we wanted, kitchen, TV, toilet, shower, bed. It has a great ride and good economy. We're gone in a few minutes and when we stay at CG...set up in minutes.

Jill :   We owned a Roadtrek for a short time. The problems we had were with the bathroom. My tall husband couldn't shut the door while on the commode, and showering in the pull-out shower was very confining and messy. The rest of the unit was comfortable and easily managable in parking. Perhaps the public shower house is the answer.

Shirley :   Have had 38'diesel - currently own 28'gas 3 slides - am looking for something to avoid towing - need to install a powerchair and lift - will the Roadtrek meet this need? Is the 19' the only length available? Would like more info. Thank you.

Shelby :   We rv'd in both a 32' and then a 40' motorcoach. I liked the luxury of space and amenities. I am in the process of considering a compact rv where the emphasis is on ease of travel - no towing - and getting in and out of spaces and also a resonable gas mileage. I would only consider one of these if it would fit in our garage. The hassle of storing an rv is too crazy and expensive. This one looks really nice. I will have to see one to understand the bathroom showering situation. Also - I would like to go to the factory to get a sense of the commitment to detail and quality control that goes into it's manufacture. I am going to read more RoTi Roadtrek reports. Thanks.

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