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Liberty Elegant Lady

2008 Liberty Coach - Elegant Lady

"The highest quality, most technologically advanced motorcoach available."

Liberty Coach says: "Liberty Coach was founded not only to build fine quality bus conversions, but also to provide incomparable support to our family of coach owners ... We have earned a reputation as the industry innovator, leading the way in style, design, and mechanical technology. We have always been dedicated to using the most reliable mechanical systems and insist on meticulous craftsmanship incorporating only the finest quality materials to create a coach that delivers you to the next level of excellence.".

The picture below shows an Elagant Lady built in 2008:

(Pictures courtesy of Liberty)

2008 Liberty Elegant Lady interior

Just some of the features of Liberty Coaches

  • After the decision is made to have Liberty Coach build your interior, you visit our facility in North Chicago to work with our designers to choose your coach interior and to design your exterior paint scheme
  • Liberty Coach is the only converter that has been able to build an interior in a 45 foot Prevost XLII slide-out, with over-the-road air conditioning, and still maintain the weight characteristics specified by Prevost Car, while leaving ample allowances for the owners storage needs
  • Liberty Coach says that their hardware components are of the highest quality. "The fit, finish, and feel of the completed unit immediately gives you the sense that you have purchased a coach of unmatched quality"
  • Cabinetry is considered by Liberty to be fine furniture. They say that "Each piece is finished before installation. This means the door, drawer, hinge, latch, etc... are installed and fit before the cabinet is installed into the coach. Other companies use a "build as they go" process meaning you can look behind most cabinet walls and see dissimilar materials used. This indicates that when the cabinet was installed it was the wrong size or fit improperly and had to be changed in place. This does not happen at Liberty because all cabinetry, couches, countertops, and ceiling pieces are "dry fit" on our computer system and fit to the correct profile before they are built"

Liberty Elegant Lady

"The highest quality, most technologically advanced motorcoach available."

The base MSRP starts at about$1.8 million

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