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2007 Holiday Rambler Presidential
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"A stunning interior that balances comfort and charm with modern conveniences"

2007 Holiday Rambler Presidential interior

The Presidential presents loads of options including floorplans with up to four slide-outs and special features.  The base MSRP starts at $60,000.

2007 Holiday Rambler Presidential exterior

The Presidential comes in three lengths - 37'6", 38' and 39' - and with a total of 5 floorplans.  We show 3 of these floorplans below. 

The base MSRP starts at $60,000.

2007 Holiday Rambler Presidential 35CKT
This is the shortest Presidential with an overall length of 37'6".

2007 Holiday Rambler Presidential 35CKT floorplan

2007 Holiday Rambler Presidential 36RLT
The mid-length Presidential with an overall length of 38'.
The island bar is a nice feature.  There's a picture of this arrangement higher up this page.
(These floorplans - to maximize the space and make them as easy as possible to look at - are not shown to the same scale of course ..)

2007 Holiday Rambler Presidential 36RLT

2007 Holiday Rambler Presidential 37RLQ
The longest Presidential at 39' overall length.  This is a beautiful arrangement with a nice kitchen arrangement.  The 37SKQ arrangement (not shown) is similar but with the dinette on the other side as part of the sofa slideout (as in the 35CKT above.)

2007 Holiday Rambler Presidential floorplan 37RLQ


2007 Holiday Rambler Presidential dining area 2007 Holiday Rambler Presidential bathroom
 2007 Holiday Rambler Presidential bedroom
Just some of the features of the 2007 Holiday Rambler Presidential:
  • AlumaframeŽ Superstructure
  • Flat Floor Construction Bathroom to Master Bedroom
  • Newport Cherry Cabinetry

  • Optional Decors: Abbey Road, Manor House, Brighton Blue, Seaspray

  • Electrical Management System (50 Amp, 12V with 55 Amp Converter)

  • Wide range of optional extras available

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Holiday Rambler says

"A stunning interior that balances comfort and charm with modern conveniences"

The base MSRP for the Presidential starts at $60,000

What do you think? 

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Readers comments:
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Jim & Kathy :   We purchased a brand new 06' Holiday Rambler 37RLQ in Nov. of 07'. We love it, zero issues. looks great and fit and trim are excellent. Dual pane windows make it nice for warming, cooling and keeping noise out or in. Full body paint is beautiful. We get a lot of compliments at campgrounds we've stayed at. I'd highly recommend Holiday Rambler and wouldn't hesitate to purchase another one. All manufacturers put out some bad ones on occasion, HR is no exceptions, but this unit, to date, has been flawless.

Lois Martin, Texas :   Have a 2004 Presidential....love it, but due to health conditions, I can no longer raise or lower my largest awning. Tried the sun screens, but can't see anything and I am on the water. Does anyone know if this trailer can be retrofited for a push button and is it costly? Thanks

Andy :   We have a 2004 5th wheel, 36 foot SKQ Presidential. Enjoying it immensely! Has anyone had problems with the washing machine - Kenmore compact top load - ours just howls in the spin cycle? Which bearing am I looking at to replace? Also looking for a floorplan layout, measurements etc. where exactly the black water holding tank is located inside the belly as I wish to install a tornado flush system as the factory one just doesn't seem to do the job - I don't wish to start cutting into the belly not knowing where exactly the holding tank is located. Also where exactly is the water pump located as I wish to install an accumulator next to it. Much appreciated. Andy

Road Happy :   We have a 1994 Holiday Rambler Imperial Custom with 2 slides, everything still looks new inside but the carpet,Had to replace hot water heater , one seam roof that still doesn't leak. Just wish the slides were flat like later models and would love a king bed,Pulls down the road with ease.Walls are still rock solid.. Before Monaco bought them out..

pepe :   I've had 2 Holiday Rambler RVs a 98 and an 03. Liked them both. Anything Holiday Rambler does is OK by me. Great company with a lot of support.

lori :   Seems as if the 2007 presidential has had a lot of problems in recent years although our 04 model is fabulous. If you have one you're happy with, consider making your own upgrades rather than trading for a new one. That's what we've done and it's great. Email us questions to loriruff2000@yahoo.com. We'd love to share ideas...

Gary and Jo :   We bought a new 2007 Presidental unit in February 2007 and we have had nothing but problems. Once we got a few of the things fixed then more pop up. I wish we were one of the happy campers in this section it sure would make life easier. We live in our RV full time and we enjoy it except for all the many problems. Whenever we have to take it to be repaired we have to find a place to live and that gets expensive. Our floor has buckled in the entery way, our shower leaks if we don't position the water fauset just right, the ceiling fan motor broke twice (it wont shut off by its self), the stove wont lite, we have had water problems and we don't know where the water is coming from, it soaks the carpets and wood floor. There are many more problems but I don't have time to write them all down. The unit is nice that is why we bought it, but sure unhappy about all the problems.

Jerry Kimbel :   We just bought a "new" 2006 Holiday Rambler Presidental w/4 slides. We are at the Wakarusa, IN plant and they claim they will need to remove the roof, remove the sidings (they bulge when in extreme heat). There are many "minor" problems within the RV such as the floor in the kitchen buckling. The sofa bed was never secured and will throw you off the bed if you try to lie down. Anyway, should we get a lawyer and demand a replacement RV. WE can't stay here in Wakarusa for a month which what the technicians claim it will take to repair. Any suggestions? Jerry Kimbel

Art :   Whoa! We have a 2004 Presidential that we are pleased with. Just getting ready to buy a 2008 Presidential and found that the only cabinet option will be cherry! We don't care for the Cherry at all and wonder what happened to the Oak option??? Guess we won't be buying the 2008 at all!


STEVEE :   Where is the full body paint?

Carrie and Jim Boulding :   We're fulltimers living in a 2001 Presidential that we love. It has a wonderful spacious feeling with 3 slides and the large bay window has to be experienced to be appreciated. I love the look of the island bar in the review and think that if we change this is the fifth wheel that I would want. The king bed looks perfect and I suppose they've put in a 10 gallon water heater (ours is 6 gallons, too small and causes us problems every day.) I can't wait to change.

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