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2008 Excel Limited Edition Fifth Wheel
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"No other RV in history can match the Excel Limited Edition for home-like amenities and uncompromising quality


Excel is built by Peterson Industries, Inc. which is a family-owned business and has its facilities in Smith Center, Kansas.

The company describes the Excel Limited Edition as follows "With 18 spectacular floorplans to choose from, your Limited Edition will become the envy of every RVer you meet in your travels—and a source of pride and contentment for years to come."

Excel Limited Edition

The Classic comes in four nominal lengths - approx. 30', 33', 35' and 36'.  We show one floorplan for each of these lengths below. 

New features are the decorator packages - selected colors and fabrics coordinated by a professional decorator - and a 27" flat screen TV.  An theatre group seating arrangement is another new option.

The base MSRP for these fifth wheels starts at around $69k for the shortest length up to around $84k for the 36' models. We stress again that these are the BASE prices (as of mid 2007.)

Excel Limited 30RKE 
The 30RKE floorplan
is shown below.  This is the shortest Classic with an actual overall length of 31'11".
This is a nice arrangement with 3 slides giving a large open living area.  There is an option to replace the queen bed with a king.
The 30RKO (not shown) has a similar arrangement but with the step entry to the bathroom and bedroom area in the center. Another 30 floorplan - the 30RSO (not shown) puts the kitchen in the mid area with the rear area (where the kitchen is in the picture below) being taken by an entertainment center.

Excel Limited Edition floorplan 30RKE

The 33RKE  floorplan with 3 slides is shown below
 The actual overall length of this model is 34'11".  A bigger kitchen arrangement and a really nice use of space.  Once again there is a king bed option.
  (These floorplans - to maximize the space and make them as easy as possible to look at - are not shown to the same scale of course ..)  There are 7 available floorplans in this length.  4 of these put the seating arrangement at the rear (as we show with the 35RSE further down the page.)

Excel Limited Edition floorplan 33RKE

The 35RSE floorplan has an overall length at 36'8" - with three slides is shown below.
This has an improved kitchen, taking advantage of the extra length.

Excel Limited Edition floorplan 35RSE

Finally, we show the 36FLR floorplan.  This is a beautiful arrangement with the kitchen and dining area at the rear and a big living area with computer and entertainment center. Overall length is 37'6" and this floorplan really takes advantage of the space. There are 3 other floorplans available in this length, each with the kitchen arranged to the side.

Excel Limited Edition floorplan 36FLR

The beautiful living room of a 36 model is shown below:

Excel Limited Edition Fifth Wheel living room

The kitchen arrangement of a 35 model:

Excel Limited Edition Fifth Wheel kitchen

Some of the features of the Excel Limited Edition:
  • Wide range of options - the manufacturer says: "Your Excel fifth wheel is a marvel of design wizardry–with every detail planned and engineered for easy living. You'll find a wide range of options allowing you to create a highly personalized space that suits you and your lifestyle perfectly."

  • "Unsurpassed quality construction"

  • New - decorator packages - "Make your Excel your own with an outstanding selection of colors and fabrics. Rich and earthy, country classic or softly elegant, the choice is yours. Each set has been carefully coordinated by a professional decorator, so your sofa, recliners, window treatments and bedroom ensembles all look right at home."

Download a brochure - PDF file 
Want to visit the factory? - here's how you do it  


Excel Limited Edition Fifth Wheel

"No other RV in history can match the Excel Limited Edition for home-like amenities and uncompromising quality

BASE MSRPs from around $69k up to about $89k depending upon length.   With a wide range of options to help you create a highly personalized space...


Readers comments:
Latest shown first 

Walter Wood :   I have a 2004 Limited 33RSE and have been living in it for the last 2 years full time. I have had no problems with the RV itself. I have only had a few very minor problems such as water heater element, light fixture, and the "Half Time" oven. None of theses issues were caused by Excel, they were supplier/vendor issues which I easily took care of myself. This is my 3rd RV unit and I can assure you I will buy another Excel. I even spent the winter of 07/08 in my unit in Wyoming during the worst winter in 25 years. 15 below zero temps and 50+ MPH winds and nothing froze up. Note that it was loosely skirted with styrofoam planking only. I am sold on Excel Limited RV 5th wheels. 12/29/09

sparky :   We have an 2005 Excel Limited Edition. It is a solidly built product and we enjoy our floorplan. Our gas mileage has actually gone up even though this fifthwheel is 1000 pounds heavier than our last fifthwheel. Everything rides well in it, recommend Excel.

Mo Mitchell :   We've had 2 Excels and we loved both of them. Good RVs and a good company to buy from. We lived full time in one of them for almost 3 years and it was almost problem free.

Colin and Marie Keithley :   We bought the 2005 36RDO 5th wheel new and have never regretted it. We've had almost no problems and the manufacturer not only makes a good product but also stands behind it. We even went to Kansas and met the owner of the company. They gave us a great welcome and they're very helpful. A beautiful RV inside, well thought out.


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