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Excel Classic Fifth Wheel

2007 Excel Classic Fifth Wheel
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"Unsurpassed quality construction"
Excel - "one of the most respected names in the entire RV industry"

Excel is built by Peterson Industries, Inc. which is a family-owned business and has its facilities in Smith Center, Kansas.

The company describes the Excel Classic as "A tough exterior, heavy-duty chassis, extra insulation, generator box and more are tailor-made for rugged terrain."

Excel Classic fifth wheel

The Classic comes in two lengths - approx. 32' and 34' - and with a total of 7 floorplans. We show 4 of these floorplans below.

New features are the decorator packages - selected colors and fabrics coordinated by a professional decorator - and a 27" flat screen TV. An theatre group seating arrangement is another new option.

The base MSRP for these fifth wheels starts at around $57k for the 32' length and rises to about $61k for the 34' models.

2007 Excel Classic 30RKE
The 30RKE floorplan is shown below. This is the shortest Classic with an overall length of 31'11".
This is a nice arrangement with 3 slides giving a large open living area.
The 30RKO (not shown) has a similar arrangement but with the step entry to the bathroom and bedroom area in the center. (The 33RKO with this center step entry is shown further down.)

Excel Classic floorplan 30RKE

The 30RSO floorplan with 3 slides is shown below
This has an end entrance with the center area being used for the kitchen.

Excel Classic floorplan 30RSO

The 33RKO floorplan - the longest length at 34'11" - with three slides is shown below.
This has an improved kitchen, taking advantage of the extra length.

(These floorplans - to maximize the space and make them as easy as possible to look at - are not shown to the same scale of course ..)

Excel Classic floorplan 33RKO

Finally, we show the 33RSE floorplan. This is a nice arrangement with seating at the rear and the kitchen more central.

Excel Classic floorplan 30RSE

33RSO kitchen and dining area below:

Excel Classic 33RSO kitchen and dining area

The next pictures are of the 33 model

Excel Classic living area 33 model Excel Classic 33 bedroom

The 2 pictures below are of the 30 model
Excel Classic 30 living area Excel Classic living dining area
Some of the features of the 2007 Excel Classic:
  • Wide range of options - the manufacturer says: "Your Excel fifth wheel is a marvel of design wizardrywith every detail planned and engineered for easy living. You'll find a wide range of options allowing you to create a highly personalized space that suits you and your lifestyle perfectly."

  • "Unsurpassed quality construction"

Download a brochure - PDF file
Want to visit the factory? - here's how you do it

Excel says

"Tough exterior, heavy-duty chassis and more"
From Excel - "one of the most respected names in the entire RV industry"

With base MSRPs around $57k for the 32' length up to about $61k for the 34' models. With a wide range of options to help you create a highly personalized space...

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