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Eggcamper small travel trailer

Lightweight molded composite travel trailer

Base MSRP $11,000 - "well equipped" around $17,000

Final assembly in Grandville, MI with most parts from northern Indiana.

Just 17 feet long, 88in. wide, 2000 lbs, 250 lbs. tw, very easy to tow:
Eggcamper travel trailer

Eggcamper says:

Molded and bonded uni-body construction is a strong part of the eggcamper design philosophy using large area molds to produce both exterior and interior sections, complete with seating, storage cabinets and kitchen features adding strength and durability without unnecessary weight.

The bright white gel coat finish makes cleaning fast and easy,
Foil faced space blanket insulation / glass core between the inner and outer shells is standard, adds comfort and reduces the cost of heating and cooling.

The molded and bonded uni-body construction eliminates many mechanical fasteners used in traditional stick and staple RVs, creating a strong very light weight leak free cabin.


Eggcamper floorplan A

Eggcamper floorplan B



Some of the features of the Eggcamper:
  • Black tank 8 gallons, Grey tank 24 gallons, fresh tank 14 gallons
  • Big closet
  • Premium bay awning 
  • Center seam joined with adhesive stronger than the substrate 



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Readers comments:
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Mary Noel :   Rose and Bill- Do you still have your Egg trailer in 2015? We also live in Raleigh and would like to see one. What sort of bath/toilet does it have? Thanks!

Kim :   Hi. I'm a single woman looking for a small (10") trailer to use for personal travel and take my grandkids. Don't need fancy, just the basics. Any recommendations?

Rita :   Wanting to buy Egg Camper in the Grand Junction, CO. area. Will travel to Denver or Utah. Would like very new-little used. Leave info. at

Will :   I'm I'm looking for a nice used egg in the Utah area please email me the type and your price.

Tara :   *****Dwight****** I'm I'm AK and am interested in the EGG you have for sale. Text pics and price to 907-355-0136

Tara :   ****Dwight, I'm interested in your EGG in AK. Text pics and price to 907-355-0136 ********

Michael :   Hi, I'm very interested in an eggcamper. Does anyone have one near baltimore md who might let me see theirs?

Dwight :   We are selling our Egg here in Alaska.

Ben :   Aug 2014. Looking for an eggcamper in AZ or nearby states. Please email me jdmap1 (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks.

Mike :   Put an aluminum frame, a bigger fridge and a bath door on and you have a winner here. Egg is the best looking exterior shape of all the little fiberglass units in my humble opinion.

Sally :   We are looking for an Egg camper to see in the New England area. Please write me at if you will allow us to come see it.

jhall :   I am looking for an an egg camper to buy. I am in middle tn.

Jeff :   I would like to see the EggTrailer, I'm in south TX. Please call Jeff at 719-329-8949

Ray N :   We just sold our 2009 EggCamper after owning it for four years. We loved it for short trips of no more than a week or so, but after that time it started to feel a little cramped. We moved up to a 21' Escape so we could have a little more room, but that's partially because of my wife's mild case of claustrophobia. We never missed having propane, all the state parks in the South have electricity, and when we went north we always (almost always, anyway), managed to find places with electricity. The EggCamper is 8" wider and 4" more headroom than the Scamp or Casita, which really gives it a spacious, open feeling.

Scrambled :   Looking to buy used egg in California.

richie :   I have a 2000 13 Ft Casita patriot deluxe---& just love it---Ill be camping in it tonight @ my place near Appomattox,va.

Scott W :   I would like to hear from people who either like or don't like the bed. What do you like or dislike about it.

Cynthia :   Please call me at 540-745-2588 if you have an egg camper in the Roanoke, Virginia area or anywhere in the southwestern Virginia area. Also, does anyone know if the eggcamper comes in a Class C style?

Cynthia :   Any egg campers in the Roanoke, VA area????? Sure would like to see one. Thanks.

John B :   8/31/2012 Cash for EGG 17 (or Casita 17) with wet bath in good or excellent condition. Located in N Florida but will travel out-of-state to see your camper. Send pictures to or call 843-754-2036. Thanks! John

Beadbug :   We went to see the Egg today and it is amazing. Think of a boat insides and you have the insides of an Egg. If you are worried about getting some color you could add a funky shower curtain and bright bedding. I do think the option of a bigger fridge would be nice.

VIPER :   I HAVE NOW LISTED ON EBAY MY BELOVED ultimate Egg WITH $17k IN OPTIONS, BUILT IN MID 2010 FOR A BUY IT NOW PRICE OF just $24k. NOTE,when I upgraded the A/C to 8,000 btu, I could not find one that would fit the same opening, so we modifed the EGG, which took several hours to fit a larger unit. The new unit was just $200 vs the smaller units for 100.00

Over Oozy :   I am a fiberglass pull-behind wannabee. My wife and I have looked at Scamps, Casitas, and now the Egg Camper. I am 6'3" and 285 pounds. The interior height and the width of the single beds are attractive. Personally, I like the white fiberglass interior for lighting, easy cleaning, and versatility in decorating according to personal taste. Viper's observations re the A/C compartment interests me. In purchasing a used camper, I suppose I would have the option to see if a different manufacturer of A/C's would have an A/C with the dimensions of the opening provided in the fiberglass body. If the warranty has expired on the original stock A/C, I guess any reputable replacement would be okay. Comments, anyone, especially on the A/C question?

Viper :   2010 Owner. I'm very satified with the all electric.. infact I prefere it. In the warmer areas of the country you will always be running the A/C , which means hooked up or on the generator anyway. Believe it or not I have 35+K invested in My Egg... Crazy.. from custom paint $4200, to huge flat screen, custom entertainment center/cabinets, sat TV, solar panels, 3K Honda generator. 8,000 BTU A/C , alloy wheels,upgraded electric system, surround sound, sub woofers, entry steps, grab handles, outside lights, gen/shore auto transfer switch, painted cabinets and fridge..., glass tile back splash, Its painted in red inferno metalic pearl(a bright burgundy(FSU colors)- a Dodge color).. with gold and silver metalic stripes wraping around it.. It has rear mounted hitch with a rack on the back for plenty of ectra storage.. real handi.. will hold up to 200Lbs, and can also carry 2 bikes. It has power leveling all around since I had back surgery just before I got it.The rear leveling systemn can lfit the unit complete off the ground for tire changes. It has back up camera and a power Omni directional HD antena along with its Sat. DISH. It has a custome matress on top of std Matrees that is cut to fit the space(high denisty foam for mariane use). Hooks for cups, and acrylic spice racks mounted,bed head board, wall clock and etc. The Honda Gen is wired so it can be started/turned off from the inside. Do to more physical therapy, I have not used it in the last several(7) months. It has just about 3K miles on it. I would consider selling it, relunctantly. In better than new condition at a fair price... not a bargain price, however. Cape Coral, Florida... You can read my detail posted here as to Mods. I even wrote up a user manaul as I upgraded my EGG. All work was done by an RV center, so its professional grade., except the paiting of the cabinets inside, which I did..

Sipsr :   Looking to buy new or used Eggcamper type trailer in the Phildelphia, PA area

SilverGhost :   I got one of these Egg campers and am loving it. Jim loves what he does and believes in the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) policy. The build quality is above the competition. The interior is spartan to be blunt, but then most people I have talked to in the RV world customize their rigs anyway. We bought our without bed or cushions and he put the mattress in gratis (he knew we had a 1400 mile drive home). It was ok for a night, but we already planned on a new bed (which we got the next day at Ikea, a long twin). I think we will be having the mattress cut up and recovered as dinette cushions. Also neither of us (wife or I) are satisfied with the cabinet doors. I think they will be painted soon. I'm not 100% sold on the all electric but I understand the issues. Jim was not satisfied with the quality of the gas RV appliances on the market for the price. So for right now my $500 2k watt champion inverter generator will be running my Egg. Plans for gas heat and solar, but that will happen as finances allow. We are in Jupiter, FL if anyone wants to see one (as there are no dealers - factory direct only). Jason_Burr @ att . net is my email.

Wendy :   Got ours, dragged it down to SC, did some modifications on it (added a solar system to suplement the electric), then took it to VA. My family lived out of it while I went to classes at NNSY. Then relocated to WA, camping our way across the USA - me, hubby, 1 year old daughter, two parrots and two cats. Tight but still fun! Currently in the Bremerton/Bangor area. Hauled it with a Subaru Impreza, of all things - waiting on getting a more sturdy hitch to do more extensive camping with it (and need to replace the solar panel we lost to extreme winds in the ND Badlands). Overall, I'm an incredibly happy camper!

Cheryl & Steve :   We are interested in the Egg & live in Charlotte NC & would like to see one here in our area. I see that Rose & Ed had one in Apex in 2010. Is it still available to come and see? Anyone else?

capt :   it seems to be what iam looking for can I get it with out the mattress and pillows.Or is it the same price anyway.I would want to up grade all of that it looks pretty sad. O the bed is 53 by 84.I saw some one asking.

Bill in Alexandria, VA :   looking for fiberglass trailer 16-17' w/ bath in mid-Atlantic area. Thanks!

Phat Daddy :   How wide is the bed? Nobody wants to say.

Matt h :   Went to see the eggcamper there they are built. Jim was very helpfull, spending as much time as we needed. I thought the eggcamper was very well costructed and much roomier than the Casita. My wife and I were seriously considering buying but after a night to "sleep on it" decided to pass. Though well built, we felt it was too unfinished and too pricy. We did not like the seat cushions and mattess, and were unconvinced the all electric is the way to go. I would have had either buy a generator or retrofit my own propane system. We also felt the fridge was too small. So, 19,000.00 out the door, another 2000.00 for a generator, 300 to 500 for decent seat cusions and mattres, and then several days to cover the silver insulated, unfinished cabinet/closet interiors. If Jim could address these issues and then get the price down about 2,000.00 he would have a real winner

Glen :   These teardrops are snazzy and all, but still clunky., and who wants to cook outside in the rain and dark ? I just got a Canadian made Boler, for $2000 used, 40 years old and like new, fiberglass body plus fixtures and a steel frame base, Unbeatable lightness at 1000 pounds, my 6 cyl dodge caravan hauls it like nothing doing. apparently they're back in biz . Definitely worth a search

Night Sailor :   I am very interested in one of these. My primary focus is on boondocking and off-grid sustainability. If I can get one of these with a few customized features, I will buy one. My tow vehicle is a Volvo 240 with 114 HP. Tow limit is 3300 lbs...I assume these come with trailer brakes? I would like to see a lighter one with an Aluminum frame. I am 6'4" 250 lbs. It seems this is roomier than the competition and might work for me. I'm also pretty comfortable with fiberglass repair, so mods would be easy for me.

Gayle :   When is someone going to make a camper to be used for JUST sleeping. We are a family of 6 and want something to keep dry in, not to cook and bathe. Someone has to have something, or am I crazy to want to cook over a campfire and rinse off in the lake?

Joe :   Hey Jim in the Bal Wash area give me a call at 302-258-9911

Laura in NY :   Is this material VOC/Formadahyde free? Love the look of this...but highly allergic to VOCs. Let me know, thanks....

Rosella :   Jan - I'm interested in your egg camper. I e-mailed you twice. look for an e-mail from - maybe it's in your junk folder. or e-mail me! - 6/4/2011

Jan :   My Eggcamper is in CA (Agua Dulce) and wonderful --- but my grown kids aren't into camping and I'm single now, so if anybody's interested in buying a CA Egg (one owner, me) and very great shape, please email! - jbythesea2 at yahoo dot com - 5/10/2011

viper :   Eric, the Bed is 53 by 84 - 4/2/2011

Jim :   Any egg campers in the Baltimore Washington Area? - 3/23/2011

Eric :   Does anyone know the size of the bunk bed. I would like to look at one of these. I live in Minnesota. Anyone have one available to look at?

VIPER :   I have owned 2 RVs before the EGG. The EGG is the only RV I have been six months into with No Leaks!!!! No doors off hinges. No warranaty items, And of course no broken stick furniture. Thanks Eggcamper and im. - 2/17/2011

VIPER :   My Egg Camper is at My home now at 1205 sw 54th ln, Cape Coral Fl,33914 7135821707 cell. All are welcome to take a look. Still very happy. Nothing has broken after about 5,000 miles. Regards - 1/5/2011

JT and Diane from GA :   Viper-Any chance we could see your egg? It sounds amazing! We're very serious about an egg and your upgrades would fit us just fine. Please email izdgrama(at) if we could work out a visit - 11/14/2010

George :   I see there are alot of you trying to find a dealer near your zipcode and as far as I know the only dealer is in Grandville michigan.It is also the place they are made. Jim is owner of the egg camper company and I sure he would be more than happy to tell how to get one.Go to the web. sight and give him a call. I hope that answered many of question.It is a great little egg.

George :   I went to the egg camper dealer in grandville mi the other day to tour the place,and must say i was very impressed, Jim the owner was kind and you could tell by way he explained how the trailers are built he very much enjoyed his egg camper company. By the time the tour was done i knew let about that camper. I must say the egg camper is the best built small camper i've ever seen,and i have seen lot of small camper trailer in the past five years of looking for the perfect little camper.This trailer is built to last and the design and floor plan is perfected and you would think so also if you would go to the plant for a tour.You need to see how they are built to truly understand the quality of this camper.I have been a build for thirty years so i understand what goes into design and building of something you can be proud of. Thanks alot Jim for tour. I will be looking forward to buying one of your egg campers in the near future. GREAT JOB. George

db :   I would like to know of a dealer in the 33823 area.

Viper :   Followed the suggestion on this blog to spray paint the cabinet doors a pastel color. Chose a pastel high gloss sky blue. It brightens up the interior and goes more with the Jetson molded fiberglass interior than light brown wood which conflicted with the futuristic interior sort of like gramdma meets the Jetsons. The wood surfaces were rougher than was expected and a lot of paint was required to cover most of the grain and smooth it out even after 3 coats of primier (4 coats of blue enamel or more). Door latches were painted orange. Suggest more sanding before hand than we did. Painted the Table top in a matching blue also with many, many coats. Added a head board colored in dark blue, light blue, yellow and orange at end of bed. This was done because the pillows kept damaging the blinds in the windows at the ends of the bed, flush with matress. Added 3 small round mirrors in orange, blue and lime green in differnt sizes from Target dead center at rear of bed on rear of EGG. Gives a rising colored bubble effect. Now planning to paint the Black insert in the Frig if I can remove it. in a light blue and reinstert it. Have small bamboo towel racks that I have painted bright orange and yellow to mount on sink cabinet door and fridge or pantry. Added on rear corner wall of bed near head rest an acrylic magazine rack for storing eye glases, magazines,paperbacks and TV remotes at bed time. Added at foot of bed at end of kitchen counter a larger magazine rack for storage of books, maps, writing untensils and etc. paint in sky blue. Art Deco meets Jetsons is almost done! Added a storage tray to the rear bolt on hitch we added thats 20" by 60", can hold 3 bikes or two large coolers or tent and has hand rails. (by LUND). Added multi shades of blue/gray small glass tile back splash behind sink and hot plate area about 12" high just beneath the coffee mugs and plastic beer mug mounts we had added. The glass tile sheets came from Home Depot at $4.60 per sheet and 4 sheets did the job. I put the tile up using Loctite Bath Tub and Tile adhesive. Worked fine. Note the beds head board wood supports (7"long 2"w by 3"d were secured to the EGG on each side of the window with Loctite General purpose Adhesive and then 2 small screws that just barely peirced the EGGs fiberglass shell by 1/4" inch for extra support. Our EGG if any one wishes to see it is located in Dickinson Texas for another 2 weeks before heading to winter home in Cape Coral on October 24th,2010 Regards

Dee :   Is there anyone in the Dayton Ohio area that has a used one for sale? 9/30/2010

Rose and Bill :   To MG who wanted to see an eggcamper in NC. We live in Apex --- call us at 919 215 5635. We are still very happy with it. 9/24/2010

viper :   UPDATE: Have been in our EGG for 2 weeks. 3 days of dry camping. have travled from Cape coral fl, to Biloxi, Missippi. It has performed well and attracted lots of attention. Problems: The roof vent fan are the std one used by every one and are cheap. One works when it feels like it(bad switch) and the other is hard to crank open and not long for the world. The Norcold fridge is great. Keeps verything Ice cold. However at 2.7 cu ft its small. There appears to be room for a larger 3.6 cu ft model and this is an upgrade that s/b made. It would alos prevent items stored under the sink getting lost under the fridge. A/C: We updated to 8000 btu unit as stated. If you plan to be in the south on the summer ever , go with the 8,000 btu unit or you will not survive. It draws no more energy. The biggest draws are the hot water heater and micro wave. The 3000 watt Honda handles everything on at the same. It idles with just the a/c on and TVs/etc. Regards

viper :   In the extreme heat and humdity of the Gulf coast, the stock Frigadare 5000 BTU AC proved not up to the task. The stock unit is just 16" wide and Frigdaire has not made that model in years. The internals of the AC compartment are made specifically to fit just that model. No room for upgrades or a replacement. The new units are 18.5" wide!!!, not 16", so the opening has to be enlarged and the newer units are about 3" longer. The AC has a molded fiberglass compartment which is thus not useable and must be cut away in part. The platform the unit rest on is too narrow so its lips must be cut away also. A new compartment and support must be built for the newer models which are completely digital, with remotes and the 5K BTU, 6.5K BTU($149 at Lowes, I reccomned this as the min now )and the 8K BTU unit is $199. They have 5 year warranty and are Energy Star rated unlike the older models and come with 10.8 SEER. So in effect even with greater cooling capacities, they use less energy and run on high only when required.. I personally would mode this upgrade out at the start since if your AC goes out on you, you will not be able to get a replacement.. this could wreck a whole vacation in 95 degrees. In otherwords your warranty really does not help you if you cant get a replacement unit that does not fit. I would also replace the Elixir Power supply for similar reasons although creating a wider cut out is much less work than doing the hole rebuild required on the AC compartment and rebuilding everything around it... in 95 degress... As mentioned the Elxir power supply is nolonger made, they are out of business for at least six months or longer so there is no MFG warranty and no replacements.. you can have mine if you would like. I replaced mine with 30AMP AC - 55 AMP 12vDC... WFCO WF8955 with 3 stage charging for 160 dollars. more ac and dc lines. I'm sure Jim at EGGCAMPER will get on to this sooner rather than later... Regards

Viper :   Well I got an EGG even before I could sell My Eagle Bus Conversion due to health issues (back injury) and the need to have something my wife could tow and I was not able to climb up the steps of the Coach for the first couple of months after surgery. There are seldom any used ones on the market.. and used even with Casita's there are no real bargins. Micro campers are in. Egg Camper has no dealers. We bought sight unseen from the factory and had a delivery service bring it to Cape Coral Florida. We had lots of modifications made at Port Charlotte RV service; so that its all electrical, with eletric tongue lifts and rear stabilizers (could not crank any thing for the next year), SAT dishes, Home theatre and 32inch Flat screen attached to a custom built cabinet to house the electronics. We added a Honda EU 3000isa Gen which will run for more than 20 hours on a tank and powers everything at once. We hooked the GEN and shore power to an auto power transfer switch as in the big boys(so Gen and shore power will not merge) and solar panel on roof to charge the house battery. Once you add a bed spread,throw pillows, a wall clock, colored shower curtans, towels.. and a couple of small colored mirrors, its plenty homey.. see the website for some examples.. especially if you get colored seat cushions. Our was painted Inferno red crystal pearl with metalic gold and silver wide strips and left white on top. We inspected the rear bumper welds and found them excellant after hearing they had problems in one case. We had 3, 220 plus lb men climb on the bumber and go up and down for a few minutes and decided after that, no increased support was required. Perhaps the STEEL bumper is now improved as of June 2010. We added a bolt on hitch so we could mount a bike rack. Of course we have the rear stabilizer cross members between the 60" steel frame adding additional support. We mounted the hitch upside down to give it greater ground clearance and its rated at 250lbs. Its wider than any other with a unigue dual fiberglass shell, the outside and an internal shell that forms the interior.. no wood to rot, no stables, no stick furniture. It also 5-6" taller in the inside than any other. It tows very well! We added a back up camera on its rear. SOME SMALL PROBLEMS AS TO BE EXPECTED. Ground wire came undone when the screw attaching it to the frame corroded and fell off in 2 months in the Florida Humid salty air. Another reason to buy an Egg which has few metal components. It came with just one set of keys for the door and the 30 amp electric shore power opening. Otherwise it's fine, basic and realiable... easy to fix and upgrade. Off the shelf components... such as a regular window A/C mounted thrpough the side.. if it breaks.. 89 bucks gets you a new one.. or 49 bucks to replace the micro wave... We also a added aluminum alloy wheels for a little more style. I THINK ITS PERFECT ALTHOUGH PART OF ME THINKS 2 FEET LONGER, SAY 19 FEET WOULD BE EVEN BETTER. Regards

Pierre-Emanuel de Gaspe :   To escape the snow and the cold, I have spend about 6 months per year on the road for the pass 55 years. first we had the Airstream behind the Caddy, then in the 60s we shifted to the motorhome, (Travco, Executive, 3 GMC, etc.) we had them of every color, size & style,: motorhome with full sun deck, 28' winch to put the boat in the water some 30' away and an elevator in it!!!! they had finish from french brocade at $250./yd to Malabar teak floors and corian & marble kitchen with mosaic wall bathroom. With all that said, now I travel with a Casita, my 3rd. its fun and made for the road. The factory can easily sell its production so they do not need to improve too much, as a matter of fact they made most improvement to be worse than the original. They do not offer what should be offer from a manufacturer who wish to remain number one. Maybe someone else will. As of now the Casita, with the addition of a few indispensable items such as a build in Generator, macerator system etc. is the best thing on the road, I have now one for sale, its brand new 17' and I am also looking to buy a 13' for when i travel alone.

Pierre-Emanuel de Gaspe :   to escape the snow and the cold, I have spend about 6 months per year on the road for the pass 55 years. first we had the Airstream behind the Caddy, then in the 60s we shifted to the motorhome, (Travco, Executive, 3 GMC, etc.) we had them of every color, size & style,: motorhome with full sun deck, 28' winch to put the boat in the water some 30' away and an elevator in it!!!! they had finish from french brocade at $250./yd to Malabar teak floors and corian & marble kitchen with mosaic wall bathroom. With all that said, now I travel with a Casita, my 3rd. its fun and made for the road. The factory can easily sell its production so they do not need to improve too much, as a matter of fact they made most improvement to be worse than the original. They do not offer what should be offer from a manufacturer who wish to remain number one. Maybe someone else will. As of now the Casita, with the addition of a few indispensable items such as a build in Generator, macerator system etc. is the best thing on the road, I have now one for sale, its brand new 17' and I am also looking to buy a 13' for when i travel alone.

dancingrandma :   Looks like a very practical way to enjoy traveling and camping. Not too bad on the environment either since it doesn't weight much and may be gas efficient. I am getting too old for any extensive tent camping. This is a good alternative.

MG :   Rose and Bill, we live about an hour south of you in North Carolina and would love to see your Egg Camper if you do not mind entertaining one more. If that would be possible.

Rose and Bill :   We bought an eggcamper in Nov-- drove to Michigan to pick it up . We are very happy with it so far (3 trips). We live outside Raleigh,NC if you want to see one.

Leslie :   Looks interesting....but all that white fiberglass inside looks cheesy in the pictures, might be better in real life! Any way to get some color in there? Would love to see one up close!

one eye :   I am looking for used Egg'or the like, must be in good condition, fairly new. Where can I see these around Portland Oregon? will travel if properly motivated

John West :   I like the Eggcamper and need more information on it--Is there a Dealer in Virginia// If not, where is the nearest one to Zip 23692. I'd like the information ASAP-It looks like a new 'twist' on camping for my wife and I. Jack

Bill Robison :   We bought our EggCamper a few weeks ago. Boy is it roomy! I'm a big guy at 6'3" and about 260# - it seems just right for me - lots of headroom both standing or lying in bed! I have created some mods to put on a bath door, rear storage and make the second bed wide enough for both granddaughters to sleep comfy. I've taken all the wood doors down so I can paint them a soft color my wife picked out to coordinate with our cushions, etc. Have some ideas for solar charge unit - but for now will use Honda EU2000i genset for remote camping. If anyone would like to see one in real life we are near Lansing, Michigan. Send us a note deepthinkers(at)

bikingrandma :   Cute, but kind of sparse and utilitarian looking, not "homey" at all. But maybe with a few decorator touches here and there... Looks well built, though.

dave p :   just finished a 10,863 mile trip towing the egg. no problems....rear bumper will not handle the weight of two bikes. bends and cracks the weld. need to weld reinforcements. traveled highway, back roads and real back roads. no problems and some real bumps.

Viper :   I'm waiting to sell my Eagle Bus Conversion and get one. I want something small that can be pulled by any of my vehicles.. in the end I just need bed, bath,frige,a/c, Microwave, Flat screen sat TV, 2 burners and a head/shower.. a place for my Lab if I stay in hotel, and for me and wife, dog when we are taveling... stop somewhere and tour around in the Hummer... This looks simple, no maintenance, no stick furniture. And has what I need, no excesses... Need to expand size of gen to 3K and have a couple more hours of gas for Gen on board, A rear hitch for a 3 bike rack also (not for towing). I like it... I like the convenience of a full scale coach.. just do much to maintain and towing a vehicle is a pain as you approach 65 feet long. Too big for many places... And it des not mater how big they are they all are only really for Two. Regards

Albert :   like to find a dealer near zip 85220 e-mail (

Rattlesnake Joe :   I have the Casita 17 SD with the reverse axle. I need better ground clearance as the black and grey pipes are low on my rig and I fear tearing them out when out boondocking in the wilds of AZ. Maybe this Egg has more clearance and maybe it can be waterproofed to withstand the GREAT EARTH CHANGES that are comming soon. Get up high, stay out of river valleys and away from the west coast.

Dan Pine :   I would like more information on this unit. Also where can it be bought new zip code 85220

dave :   to art: the +s: tows easily, easy to maintain, not mechanically complicated - fits in many "tent" or folding camper campsites. the -s: have to add shelving for storage

art :   I would like to hear comments from anyone who now has one. How do you like the idea of all electric?

Terry Briscoe :   Just what I've been looking for! Where is the closest dealer to zip 12871?

Dave P. :   Bought an eggcamper. company put door on the bath, tows easily even in 40-50 mph cross winds on busy interstate with many trucks. Put about 1400 miles on it. Lots of space inside.

Debbie :   This looks great! I want something I can just go with. No unfolding etc. Something I can take by myself.

David W Gualtieri :   If you are like me, then you want to get the biggest bang for your buck. I went to the factory, met the owner, toured the factory, shook hands with the workers and bought a demo Egg Camper loaded with the extras. The workmanship that went into the design and quality of this camper is second to none. The price is very modest compaired to others like the shiney all aluminum outside ones. Give Jim a call and he will work out a great deal for you. He is fair & honest.

nomadic spirit :   I just took a tour through one of these jobs this afternoon and it was quite a surprise. We own a 1999 Casita that we've had for 4 yrs and absolutely love it. I've seen the eggcamper on 3 of the fiberglass forums and was somewhat intrigued. Seeing a real one up close and personal was a treat and I was quite surprised at the quality. The first thing I noticed was the spaciousness inside with its aisle width and being being 88 inches wide against the 7 inches of my Casita. You would probably need extension mirrors even with a full size vehicle. This trailer would be a mod makers dream it has a lot of open storage space thats just begging for shelves etc. It does need thicker pads on the benches and the seats sit high in the bed position. The bath needs a door, the fridge was about the size of the Casita 16'. Although it seems to have the same exterior door that the Casita 17' has there was no screen door on it. The A/C is mounted on the front side of the body and exits under the front dinette seat. The outside appearance gives a very neat look with there being no pop rivets on the surface and the 2 halves joined together similar to the Burro camper, its about the same price as a Casita without being a Casita. Would I buy one???, I'm not ready to give up my Casita as yet

texascuda :   Cute, and would be good for some occassions. Privvy door? And A.C.?

Valerie A :   I love it, it is funky enough to be cute, yet looks like a quality item

Bobo :   Great looking camper, light weight, and simple lines. Do you sell thru dealers, direct, and if thru dealers, where is the closest dealer to zip code 34285 in Venice Florida? Is financing available thru you or thru the dealer and what is the availability.

Cathe :   I'd like to see the bath area a little better, but this is cute, and looks easy to tow. great for weekend getaways - not long term camping

RoTi :   Andrew S - the details of the manufacturer are above. You can contact them on 616-437-9255.

Andrew S :   I like it and want to know more about it. Who makes it and how do I contact them?

Scotty lover :   I love it. It looks like my old Scotty!

Helen V :   It looks like it would last a long time.

Ken A :   I like the idea that there's no "stick" furniture in it and that the whole thing is molded. It looks strong and there's nothing to rot.

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