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Eggcamper small travel trailer

Lightweight molded composite travel trailer

Base MSRP $11,000 - "well equipped" around $17,000

Final assembly in Grandville, MI with most parts from northern Indiana.

Just 17 feet long, 88in. wide, 2000 lbs, 250 lbs. tw, very easy to tow:

Eggcamper travel trailer

Eggcamper says:

Molded and bonded uni-body construction is a strong part of the eggcamper design philosophy using large area molds to produce both exterior and interior sections, complete with seating, storage cabinets and kitchen features adding strength and durability without unnecessary weight.

The bright white gel coat finish makes cleaning fast and easy,
Foil faced space blanket insulation / glass core between the inner and outer shells is standard, adds comfort and reduces the cost of heating and cooling.

The molded and bonded uni-body construction eliminates many mechanical fasteners used in traditional stick and staple RVs, creating a strong very light weight leak free cabin.


Eggcamper floorplan A

Eggcamper floorplan B

Some of the features of the Eggcamper:
  • Black tank 8 gallons, Grey tank 24 gallons, fresh tank 14 gallons
  • Big closet
  • Premium bay awning
  • Center seam joined with adhesive stronger than the substrate

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