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Damon Challenger

2007 Damon Challenger

"A stylish and powerful Class A gas motorhome"
"The most motorhome for the money"

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The 2007 Damon Challenger is described by Damon as: "A stylish and powerful Class A gas motorhome for the serious vacationer." It comes with double or triple slides with lengths from 36'1" to 37'7".

2007 Damon Challenger exterior

2007 Damon Challenger
The 348 floorplan is shown below. This is a popular arrangement with 2 slides, a queen bed, a private bath and a large booth dinette (optional table and chairs arrangement is available.)

The 376 floorplan with 2 slides is shown below
This arrangement has 2 bedrooms, a walk-through private bath and 2 sofas. This model has a length of 37'7".
(These floorplans - to maximize the space and make them as easy as possible to look at - are not shown to the same scale of course ..)

The 377 floorplan with three slides is shown below.
This floorplan allows 4 distinct rooms - bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining area, and the living room. The kitchen slide allows for a large dining room table.

This shows a living area and the spacious feel given by the large slideout.

2007 Damon Challenger living area

Kitchen and wardrobes:

2007 Damon Challenger entry area 2007 Damon Challenger kitchen
2007 Damon Challenger bedroom 2007 Damon Challenger bathroom
Some of the features of the 2007 Damon Challenger:
  • Full-basement wide body featuring an extra-large, extra-strong pass-through storage area
  • Ford or Workhorse chassis
  • Wide range of options

2007 Damon Challenger

"A stylish and powerful Class A motorhome"
"The most motorhome for the money"

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