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2007 Coachmen Capri Micro 135 RE
small travel trailer

"For weekend campers who don't want to purchase a special tow vehicle"

The Capri Micro is no longer in the Coachmen new trailer list

Coachmen RV say that their Capri Micro is intended for campers who want to use a traditional vehicle for those weekend getaways but don't want to forgo the features found in larger trailers.

2007 Coachmen Capri Micro 135 RE floorplan
2007 Capri Micro 135 RE - the smallest Capri

Coachmen's Capri MicroT

Available in three innovative floorplans with exterior box lengths ranging from 13 feet to 17 feet, the Capri Micro features base weights starting under 3,000 lbs. "The Capri Micro is the perfect trailer for weekend campers who don't want to purchase a special tow vehicle. Many mini-vans can tow the smaller Capri (the 135 RE), and small SUVs and light pickups are sufficient to tow the other two models," said Kevin McMahon, product and sales manager for Coachmen's laminated lightweight towables. "A young couple or snowbirds who want something they can tow with their traditional vehicle find Capri Micros very appealing."

Adding to Capri Micro's appeal is its affordable price. The MSRP on this trailer ranges from $12,700 to $13,995 (2008).

The trailer is eight feet wide while most of the competition is only seven or seven and a half feet in width. The interior height is 79 inches compared with 76 for most of the competition. "We planned Capri Micro to be very roomy while at the same time it is small and easy to tow," said McMahon. "We have also used a lot of oversized windows, to add to the spacious feel of this coach."

"We have the only 15-foot floorplan with an actual double bed and sofa combination," said McMahon. The larger 179 QB has a queen bed. The smallest Capri, the 135 RE, sleeps three, while the other two models sleep four comfortably.

At 36 gallons, Capri Micro has the largest fresh water capacity in its class. Capri Micro also stands out because it has a "dry bath" with the toilet separated from the shower unit. Many ultralites in this class use a wet bath in which the toilet is included in the shower stall

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Readers comments:

Virginia :   Sounds like some great buys, but the ads are so old. Im sure anything listed has already been sold.

Bryan :   Used to camp in a tent for years. Got tired of being rained out so saw this 179qb at local dealer. Right price wonder why we waited. Have only been out 3 times so far this year. Now winters here and am looking forward to spring..

Kim :   Wanting a Capri micro Live in nc near Charlotte Contact 8-22-2012

Bobbi :   I would like to buy a small Micro camper that I will enjoy since retired. I do know what the pricing is but I do want a used one 2007 or so. Thanks

FRANKCR :   Looking for an used Capri micro 15-17 in the southeast contact me at Thanks

Don Gload :   Damn Sheri, I hope you aren't the one teaching your 6 year old how to spell.

jerry burris :   need owners manual for an o7

AZJude :   I have loved my 16 foot "Ms Capri". I have traveled all over the US with it. I pull it with my Kia Sorrento and although I don't get great gas mileage it has been a great combo. I travel alone and have plenty of room and the bed is very comfortable...bathroom shower is large enough to actually move around. I will be selling it this year issues are limiting my travel but I'm grateful for the 3 great summers I have spent in it. My email is if you want more info.

Fred R :   I have a 135RE 2007 with the larger bed (full size). We use 1 season, trailer still looks new. We are asking $6000 for it. I pulled it with a Toyota Prerunner.Contact We are in Dallas area It's a great trailer.

Judy R :   Want to sell 2007 Van. $7000 or obo. Great shape judyruehl65 at - 6/26/2011

Ed :   2007 Micro Capri for sale.used 3 nights.... $7,500.00 contact me @ edretired at - 11/30/2010

Chris Cooling :   I'm interested in talking to anyone who has a 135RE. Neat design and seems like lots of interior storage for this size trailer. Your thoughts? Quality of build? etc. *dvdchris* at y a h o (remove asterisks)

Samual :   Hi!!! Can anyone tell me where I can find a owners manual for a 2007 Capri Micro!!!!!?????

Sheri :   We bought a brand new 2007 that was never sold off the lot as the door was in the back.With the full warrentee!!! WE LOVE IT!!! It's just my husband and 6 year old have so much fun with it last year we took it out 6 times it was great!!!!

Betsy :   I'm looking for a Coachman Capri Micro model. Wish Coachman would continue to make these. They are just what I need. Love the small bathtub and can pull it with my van.

Lois and Stephen :   Hi!! We bought our 2007 Capri yesterday!!! It had been used just three times and is in mint condition. ( pd. $8500.00 ) Thanks soooo much for all of the positive comments on it! It appears that we have made a good choice. 8/11/10

D.R. :   Too bad this model or somthing comparable is no longer in Coachmen's new line up after 2008. At 13 feet and under 3000lbs, my villager could pull it, but their new line of ultra lights are too heavy. Defeats the purpose of being called an ultra light...I'll have to look for a different brand of "lite". :   I saw a used 2007 Coachmen RV Capri Micro 159 DB travel trailer on a re-sale lot and fell in love with it but can't afford the dealer's asking price. Is there an older model having the Rear corner shower, toilet, rear corner double bed, refrigerator/TV above, double kitchen sink, 2 burner range, front sofa w/removable table? Please contact me by e-mail. Thanks.

Rosemary :   We have a 2009 179QB Capri Micro and we really love it. But with the grand kids wanting to go camping, we need something a little larger. We would be interested in selling it, but I almost hate to give it up. The bed is really comfortable and enough storage for us. We live in No. Calif and our email is It s been used only 5 times in the 1 3/4 that we have had it. Very clean.

Nancy :   I have a 2007 Capri Micro 159 and it has been a very good trailer. i need to sell it so can get a larger unit.

Bluegrasser :   I have owned a Capri 179 model for two years. This is perfect for the weekender may be a week. Has all the comforts of a larger more expensive trailer. Outside stereo, gas grill connection, shower (sand, mud, etc)and sets up in 15 minutes or less. Whether hook ups or not I'm there. It pulls very well; no fish tail noted and at 75 mph. Has all the ammenities needed inside. Now I wished I had the toy hauler...

Ernie :   Its right up my alley, and Im moving from a 1701 Starcraft to something with more comfort and weight wise is great

Dan :   If you go to the Coachmen RV site, they don't even have a link for the Capri Micro model. What is up with that??

John R. :   I love the features of the 179QB. I think; I haven't seen any Capri's anywhere but the floor plan looks like the much, much heavier Thor Wave.

Deb H. :   I agree with the issue of finding one. The dealers don't have them and are not helpful in locating. No one calls you back. So much for customer service.

Jack :   I think it is perfect for a single traveler such as myself. It would even be nicer if I could find a dealer that actually had one in stock. One of the dealers I talked to said he never even heard of one. He's the dealer who said he would call me right back in a few minutes with details. I'm still waiting for his call over 24 hours later.

Margaret :   I think it's very basic and easy to tow, great for a young couple who want to travel. Not much use for me as a fulltimer but I would have loved it when I was younger and it's affordable.

John M :   I think it's perfect for a weekend getaway without the need for a special tow vehicle. I think the dry bath feature is a great improvement over the small RVs where the toilet is included with the shower space.

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