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2008 Newmar London Aire

2008 Newmar London Aire

"A symbol of your love for the finer things in life"

The London Aire is the top of the Newmar line of luxury motorcoaches. Prices start at about $895,000. Newmar says: " With its commanding exterior and top-of-the-line amenities, London Aire is a sparkling symbol of your love for the finer things in life."

2008 Newmar London Aire exterior

The 2008 London Aire is 45' long and comes in 3 floorplans. We show all 3 of these floorplans below.

2008 London Aire LABD 4541
This is a beautiful arrangement with a rear bathroom and mid-length powder room.
The free standing dinette can be replaced by a "villa dinette" with a 30"x51" adjustable oval table.

2008 Newmar London Aire floorplan 4541

2008 London Aire LABD 4542
This brings the bathroom forward of the bedroom and provides a walk-in closet in the bedroom. Once again, there is the option to replace the dinette as with the 4541.

2008 Newmar London Aire floorplan 4542

2008 London Aire LABD 4545
Another very beautiful arrangement with the free standing dinette next to the sofa. There is an option to change out this whole dinette/sofa arrangement into a combination with the "villa dinette and adjustable oval table" mentioned above.

2008 Newmar London Aire floorplan 4543

The fabulous London Aire interior:

2008 Newmar London Aire interior

2008 Newmar London Aire dining 2008 Newmar London Aire kitchen
2008 Newmar London Aire bedroom 2008 Newmar London Aire cockpit
Just some of the features of the 2008 Newmar London Aire :
  • Spartan K3 Chassis with IFS
  • Power TRW Comfort Drive Steering - see RoTi article
  • Cummins ISX 600 hp
  • Full-Paint Masterpiece Finish with Super Clear Coat and Diamond Shield Front Protective Film
  • One-Piece Molded Fiberglass Roof with 9mm Decking
  • Sculptured Padded Ceiling

  • Natural Cherry Hardwood Unitized Cabinets with Residential Styling

  • Three 15M Penguin Heat Pump Air Conditioners with Remote Control Thermostat

  • Wastemaster Sewer Hose with Shut-Off Nozzle option - see RoTi section

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2008 Newmar London Aire

"A symbol of your love for the finer things in life"

The base MSRP for the London Aire starts at about $895,000

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