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2008 Mandalay Presidio 400
See reader's comments and experiences at bottom of page

"One of the best values on the market today"
Priced from around $236k base MSRP

Mandalay Luxury Division has introduced the 2008 Presidio 400 Class A diesel luxury motorhome.  Loaded with new interior and exterior features and a 400-HP Cummins engine, the Presidio 400 is one of the best values on the market today.

2008 Mandalay Presidio exterior

“This new luxury motorhome combines exceptional comfort with upscale amenities and innovative design,” said Jon Krider, National Sales Manager, Mandalay Luxury Division.  “It offers more standard features in a wide choice of floorplans, and delivers the power and drivability to meet the needs of families on the go.”

The Presidio 400 models are built on a rugged Freightliner XC raised rail chassis with a “2007 emission” 400-HP Cummins ISL engine and Allison® MH3000 six-speed transmission.  This engine has a full 1,200-lbs. ft. of torque which means you’ll have smooth, consistent performance in virtually any situation—from towing a vehicle uphill to driving along the open highway.  The Goodyear® 275/70R 22.5" tires have ozone-resistant sidewalls and cool-running stable tread for improved handling and longer life.

All floorplans feature multiple pass-through storage compartments, side-opening baggage doors between the axles and aluminum wheels.  Many features that have been requested by customers have been incorporated as standard equipment for the 2008 models.  These include MCD™ sun visor and privacy shade, Norcold® 12-cubic foot Stainless Steel refrigerator, Corian® countertops in the kitchen and bath, color back-up monitor with side vision cameras, home theater system with DVD player, Sirius® satellite radio with six-month subscription, Onan® 8000-watt generator and 2000-watt inverter.

Mandalay have advised Roaming Times of the following base MSRP prices - 39B - $236,320, 39D - $238,280, 39E - $240,660, 39F - $241,500, 39G - $240,660

We show the 5 floorplans below:

2008 Mandalay Presidio 39B 

2008 Mandalay Presidio floorplan 39B 

The Presidio 39D with 4 slides is shown below

2008 Mandalay Presidio floorplan 39D

The Presidio 39E with 4 slides is shown below

2008 Mandalay Presidio floorplan 39E

The Presidio 39F with the full wall slide is shown below

2008 Mandalay Presidio floorplan 39F

The Presidio 39G is shown below

2008 Mandalay Presidio floorplan 39G

Some of the features of the 2008 Presidio:
  • Freightliner XC raised rail chassis
  • “2007 emission” 400-HP Cummins ISL engine - a full 1,200-lbs. ft. of torque
  • All floorplans feature multiple pass-through storage compartments
  • Wide range of options   

We'll show more pictures of the 2008 Presidio as we get them - meanwhile these are two preview pictures provide to RoTi by Mandalay.  The first shows the beautiful cockpit area, and the second shows the interior with the dinette and TV.  Truly a beautiful coach with well thought-out floorplans.

2008 Mandalay Presidio cockpit area

2008 Mandalay Presidio interior

Presidio 400 motorhomes feature five different interior décor packages, with a choice of standard Golden Maple or optional Cherry or Cinnamon Maple cabinetry wood.  They are available in five new full-body paint exterior package choices.

Mandalay Luxury Division is a division of Thor Industries, Inc., the largest builder of recreational vehicles today.  The company is dedicated to providing high-quality, high-value recreational vehicles backed by superior customer service and nationwide dealer support.

For additional information on the Presidio 400 Class A diesel motorhomes, visit our website at www.mandalaycoach.com or call toll-free at (866) 919-4444.

Want to visit the factory? - here's how you do it 

2008 Mandalay Presidio 400
See reader's comments and experiences at bottom of page

"One of the best values on the market today"
Priced from around $236k base MSRP

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Readers comments:
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PA :   We have owned a Presidio since 2005. Without a doubt the interior is the poorest workmanship and quality of anything I have ever seen.We have had many leaks and wherever the source of the leak the imitation wood just crumbles. The bath room door has be replaced 4 times. There are so many things that have either had to be replaced or repaired it would take days to list. We are so discussed at the fact that we spent this kind of money for such a piece of junk. We owned two prior to this one and had minor issues which is to be expected when you own one. But the Presidio has been a total nightmare.

Jeff O :   Jul 2012- We ordered the 2009 Presidio 38E (full wall slide) with 400 Cummins after seeing the 2008 model year unit. Had some problems with numerous things at the beginning but Thor fixed them to our satisfaction. Now have 29,000 miles on the unit and haven't had any major issues hat I can't take care of myself. Have taken it to Freightliner Custom Chassis in Gaffeny SC for yearly service to insure the full maintenance is being done. Even 2 years out of warranty, Thor continues to take care of us at the Thor Diesel Club Rallys held in October in Elkhart IND.

RM :   I purchased a new 2009 Presidio 360. Overall, I really like it. We are currenly on our 3rd trip south and very happy. There have been some issues which is not unusual for a new motorhome from what I hear. I am not impressed with the craftmanship of the cabinets. Inconsistant latches and screws have caused cabinet doors to crack. I did have other warranty work done at the factory and everyone was very friendly. One thing on my list that they did not properly diagnose/correct is when turning left, I hear a metal on metal screaching. The factory mentioned they replaced a seal b/c there was a leak but that did not fix it. After realizing the issue was not fixed, I left additional messages but never got a returned call. (Maybe they were closed for the holidays and the message got overlooked). Problem is still unresolved. Does anyone know what this could be?

Ron :   Where is the transfer switch located? Are the generator breakers located on the same? My generator is not charging the house batteries with the inverter switch on. The shore power and diesel alternator are charging the house batteries... Help.

Ed Worrall :   Perfect for those weekend get aways with friends when you just can't leave your home comforts (or clogs) behind.

Horse :   I looked for the satellite communications system and could not see one. How on earth are you going to service all those online purchase orders without this? It also lacks a suitable compartment for a horse.

jr :   we are canadian just bought a 2007 presidio and wondering if we will have any trouble getting it through will it pass the canadian bylaws the dealer said no problem i hope their are wright does anyone know.

Ron :   We bought an 07 in 08 and love the full wall slide and interior workmanship. Just one complaint, does anyone else have a cold interior while on the road? We have to run the coach heat and front heat and throw up a curtain behind the front seats! Is there a huge air leak through the basement via the 29' slide?

JCH :   I purchased a 2007 39F "demo" in Dec 2008 and although there have been some problems - I am very pleased with the unit. One of the problems was odor from the holding tanks while in motion. The fix for this was using water softener (White King D or Calgon). Simply put about one cup into each tank after each dump. Also, prior to driving anywhere I emptied the holding tanks and rinsed the black water tank for 10 minutes. After that I added approximately 5 gallons of clean water and 1 cup of bleach in both tanks. The bleach solution cleans the tanks as it slouchs (?) around while driving. I then drained the tanks when I arrived at the next location. The odor went away after 3 times of doing this - and I still use the water softener in every tank.

Bob B :   As "Toby K" mentioned this engine is 330 hp over the Bounder's 300. But this isn't the main issue here. 330 hp isn't that much more. In most cases 330 hp isn't enough either. But look at the torque. It's 1000 lb,ft, compared to 650 lb.ft on the Bounder.

AJN :   I bought my presidio about 4 months ago and have had a few problems. we have the 360 with the full slide. It's a 2008. we love the layout, love the tile floor, love the bathroom (although the sink is too small. just got back from omaha. noticed when we were parked all the a/c units were cooling untill we started moving then got very uncomfortably warm. seemed like warm air was entering the cabin from the vents. the washing machine smelled like rotten eggs (it's never been used) could not sleep for two nights. the awning over the door just fell completely off when we were parked. the door to the bedroom does not stay shut while we are in motion. to say the least we are not happy campers

Kevin and Julie :   We just purchased the 400 f . The ride is quiet. will keep all posted, trip planned for palm desert

Kenny N :   I'm looking at one of these, 1 year old and a really good price. Beautiful coach and seems as if it's never had serious problems. Good to read all the comments. Thanks.

Neil F :   JOHN B - I have the Mercedes 330. Love it. Mileage on flat hwy at 70mph is about 10mpg. Doesn't seem to matter if I tow or not, but I tow a Jeep wrangler, 3200lbs. I would say I average overall about 9mph.

Three Bears :   We too, are looking into the Presidio 39F, Damon Tuscany 4055, or Monaco Camelot 40PDQ. My husband is dead set on a Cummins engine and I have requirements for the interior. Need room in bath/sink area, two couches, good quality cabinetry, carpeting and a w/d combo that don't take away too much of the storage space. That being said, I hope some other people can give me their input if this Presidio seems to be more bang for the buck versus the other 2 units we are looking at. And by the way, customer service and warranty are big plusses!

John B :   To Neil F, you say you like your 330 Mercedes with great mileage. Could you tell me what you mileage is and if you tow anything? Do you know anyone with a 360 Cummins? I'm trying to decide on a '07 330 Mercedes or a '08 360 Cummins. I would appreciate anyone's comments on the pros & cons.

Pat K :   Overall, I would say that we love the layout, and the performance. We purchased the 39F last Fall ('07) new at a show. I love the coach, however there is not enough room here to mention all the problems we have had with the unit. From thermostats (which we had to purchase another one of while on a trip), to the television falling out of it's compartment (wrong screws), to the shower floor requiring additional supports, and not to forget the ice maker that was not installed properly (water gushing out of the storage compartments underneath). Oh yes then there was the "fin" that was connected to the engine cover that was flapping in the breeze, (thanks to the person on the road who flagged us down and brought our attention to it)also the wrong screws. We do however report that all that Mandalay could address was handled in a professional manner. Overall, I would say that we love the layout, and the performance.

John & Bonnie :   I just bought a 2008 Presidio 39E. It's our 2nd pusher and it's much quieter than the last and definately has more power. I must be missing the cheap drawer slides because we loaded up the drawers and they work fine. We took it to Big Bear Lake Calif and the road is steap and very curvey and he coach went up with no effort. We will have this one for some time. The fireplace is electric but puts out 5000 btu's and with the temp at 28 degrees it kept the coach warm. My wife and I love it and would recommed it.

John S :   I bought a 2008 Mandalay Presidio and it's great. Plenty of power and a great ride. Drove it up to Big ear Lake in So.Cal and it had more than enough go for the trip to the mountians. The fit and finish inside was good with only a few issues. This is our 2nd diesel and there is a marked difference between our last one and the Presidio.

DonL :   Saw them at Camping World and liked the layout, colors, features, etc. The only negative was some cheap items like the draws and shower door construction. I look forward to a test drive.

Delta Bunny :   I drove a 2007 Presido and was very impressed. It drove very nice, quiet, and loved the color scheme on the home. I was about the squeeze the trigger when I decided to look at the NADA Book value on the home. While they has a great retail price they really had a lousy resale value. That really soured me on the home. While most folks may not look at wholesale value to value paid it makes a big difference if I need to sell my home on the market because of an emergency. On this home it would have meant at least a 25,000 loss over a Newmar, Tiffen,or Country Coach. While these homes are more money the percentage of resale was heavily in their favor. Just my thought on the coach.

Gerry K :   I like the look of this coach very much and it seems to be at a very good price. I like the 400 hp and the full wall slide looks really nice. I'll look at it at a dealer and then write about my feelings afterwards. I'd never heard of Mandalay but it looks good. Thanks.

GODie49 :   This is wonderful coach and the 400 puts it in a higher class. I have a bounder diesel but I'm seriously looking at the Presidio. I think this is a better alternative to the Fleetwood and Monaco coaches in the same price range. The 400 Cummins really makes me lean this way.

Neil F :   DEAN R - Well, I can't tell you how they "Rate" as I'm not sure there is a system out there for that. I have an 06 Presidio 39D that I purchased new last November and have been extremely happy with it. You always have the little things, but for the money I got a lot of coach compared to some other brands. The chassis is the same, appliances, a/c, etc all the same as anyone else, plus I am very happy with the interior workmanship, so whether you're looking for an 07 or an 08, I do recommend. That said, if you're looking at an 08, I believe they will now put a 400hp in them. I would recommend that. I have the 330hp Mercedes which I like and get great mileage, but the 400 would be nicer. JOHN - not sure why you should have trouble finding the Roadmaster brake system for your toad. Camping World has them in stock.

JB Wise :   Mandalay make a good coach. I read this article and went to Mike Thompsons and looked at a Valencia. Really thinking about it. I'm not happy about the trade in value of my Fleetwood, is it a difficult market to sell into now? The big problem with RVs (I've had 4) is you really loose bigtime on tradein.

john :   I am in the process of purchasing a 2008 Presidio and am having a problem with the availability of installation of a roadmaster brake system for our toad? any suggestions??

Jerry :   While at "The Rally" in Redmond, Oregon last week I looked at the 2008 Presidio 360 which is their 38 foot RV with a full wall slide plus two other slides. It appears to be a combination of the 39E and the 39F above. At first it looked like a very nice coach with a spacious living, kitchen and bedroom area and I loved the TV in mid-coach with a fireplace under it. The extension in the kitchen gave extra counter space. Overall it appears to be well designed and laid out. However, upon further examination, they installed 'cheap' drawer guides that are notorious for breaking when you load the drawer, the shower stall base had over 1" of movement when I stepped on it (not to mention it was very small for this size coach) and the bathroom was just too small - there was barely enough room for just one person in it. They also took away the vanity in the Bedroom. Overall I liked the coach, but I questioned the quality after finding these cheap pieces.

Neil F :   I have the 2006 39D and love it. Great value and the 330 Mercedes Benz diesel is great with 1000lb of tourqe versus the 350 cat with only 860 lbs of tq. I bought mone about 4 months ago and already took it on a 2000 mile trip with Jeep in tow. Never knew it was back there even in the hills. Like any new RV, always have a few little things, but I am very pleased with the quality of workmanship. I highly recommend

RvCowboyIam :   With the Freightliner chassis this home looks like it would be a great one to take a look at. Is there a dealer in the middle of the country that sells them? Nebraska, iowa, kansas - it also appears that the prices are very competitive.

Toby K :   The Fleetwood Bounder diesel with a full wall slide is about $182 base price. This has 330 hp compared to the Bounder 300 hp. So about $15,000 more for the Presidio. I wonder what other differences make it worth the extra.

Art Nelms :   What surprizes me, reading the review is that the full wall slide is about the same price as the other models, in fact one model - 39E - is more expensive. Looks like a nice coach, I'm not really familiar with Mandalay.

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