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2008 Kz Coyote Sport

2008 KZ Coyote Sport travel trailer

"Small enough to tow behind a small SUV" |
Base MSRP from around $10,870 (2008)

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KZ RV says: - "The Coyote Sport travel trailers are small enough to tow behind your small SUV, minivan, or lightweight pickup, but big enough to take along everything you need for a fun-filled adventure."

Exterior lengths are available from 16'11" to 22'9". The picture below shows the 16'11" model:

2008 KZ Coyote Sport exterior

There are 5 floorplans available; we show 4 of these.
A fifth floorplan option provides a queen bed in the CS210 in place of the bunks.

2008 KZ Coyote Sport floorplans

Some of the features of the 2008 KZ Coyote Sport:
  • The "Mandatory Living Package" - includes A/C, awning, microwave, a 5Cu refrigerator and much more
  • 6 gallon water heater
  • Furnace
  • Wide range of options
2008 KZ Coyote Sport kitchen 2008 KZ Coyote Sport interior

The Sport features overhead bins, kitchen cabinets, pull-out drawers and bedroom wardrobes. KZ says that the Sport has among the industry's largest windows for it's class.
The interior is in maple.

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2008 KZ Coyote Sport

"Small enough to tow behind a small SUV"

Priced at around$11,000 base MSRP
(for the 17' model, 23' model from around $17,500)

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