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2007 Winnebago Outlook

2007 Winnebago Outlook

"Fun to drive and a joy to own"
The Outlook is Winnebago's top-selling Class C motorhome.

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The 2007 Winnebago Outlook comes in 5 lengths and floorplans including the new 31H. The shortest model is only about 26' long but the slide-out makes it look and feel spacious inside. Base MSRP for the Outlook starts at $71,039.

Winnebago says: "This year, the 31C and the new 31H debut with a large, exterior, rear storage trunk with built-in storage basins. It's another example of our SmartSpace design philosophy that makes the most of available space in your RV. For your convenience, a single thermostat controls the furnace and the ceiling-ducted air conditioning, providing enhanced climate control. A heat pump can also be added to provide heat on cool mornings without firing up the furnace."

2007 Winnebago Outlook exterior

2007 Winnebago Outlook
The 31H floorplan is shown below. This is a new for 2007. This has a length of about 32' with the kitchen stove part of the slideout giving a very nice kitchen area. The bathroom and bedroom arrangement are also nicely arranged although there is no bedroom slide as with the 27L and 29B models. The big exterior rear storage trunk arrangement is new to the Outlook range also and this is also incorporated into the 31C.

2007 Winnebago Outlook floorplan 31H

The 29B floorplan with 2 slides is shown below
This is a mid length Outlook with a bedroom slide. Length is about 30'. The extra slide and the bed across the coach give a really nice arrangement with 2 feet less length than the 31H. Pictures of the living area in the 29B is given below.
(These floorplans - to maximize the space and make them as easy as possible to look at - are not shown to the same scale of course ..)

2007 Winnebago Outlook floorplan 29B

The 25F floorplan with one slide is shown below.
This is the shortest Outlook; if you can live without the queen bed and are happy to make up the sofa bed or use the overhead bed, this is good arrangement with lots of space in an RV only about 26' long.

2007 Winnebago Outlook floorplan 25F

With all of the Outlook floorplans, there is an option to have a TV cabinet / storage cabinets arrangement instead of the overhead bed ...

2007 Winnebago Outlook floorplan option

29B living area below:

2007 Winnebago Outlook living area

2007 Winnebago Outlook living area front

Kitchen and wardrobes:

2007 Winnebago Outlook cockpit 2007 Winnebago Outlook bedroom
Some of the features of the 2007 Outlook:
  • Standard Ford E450 Chassis - 6.8L SOHC Triton V10 engine, 305-hp, automatic transmission, Torqshift, 5-speed with tow/haul feature, 4-wheel ABS, 130-amp. alternator, dual air bags, Trailer Hitch 6 5,000-lb. drawbar/350 lbs. maximum vertical tongue weight & wiring w/7-pin connector
  • Option Chevrolet / Workhorse Chassis 7 - 6.0L 6000 Vortec V8 engine, 300-hp, automatic, 4-speed overdrive, 4-wheel ABS, 145-amp. alternator, dual air bags, Trailer Hitch 6 3,500-lb. drawbar/350 lbs. maximum vertical tongue weight & wiring w/7-pin connector
  • Wide range of interior and exterior options

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2007 Winnebago Outlook

"Fun to drive and a joy to own"
The Outlook is Winnebago's top-selling Class C motor home.

Base MSRP starts at $71,039

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