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2007 Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhome
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2 new models for 2007
New models priced at around $102k base MSRP

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Four Winds International has expanded its line of Hurricane Class A motorhomes.  Two models added in 2007 feature an expanded living area and enhanced interior amenities. 

The 2 new models - we give both floorplans below - are the Model 34B with bunk beds and Model 34S, which is one of the first entry-level Class A motorhomes to offer dual zone living.

Four Winds advises Roaming Times that the base MSRP for the 34B is $101,740 and the base MSRP for the 34S is $102,130.  These prices are based on units built on a Ford chassis.  

There are now 9 models available.  Exterior length ranges from 31'5" to 35'5".

2007 Four Winds Hurricane living area - front

The picture above shows the beautiful living area with Iza Alpine interior and oak cabinetry .

The 2007 Hurricane 34B with 3 slides is shown below - new model for 2007  

Model 34B with the bunk beds is ideal for families with children.  The bunk beds can comfortably accommodate both children and adults because they are 80" in length.  Plus, they are built at a lower height so a child can easy access either bed.  There is a 15" LCD television built into the wall opposite the bunk beds with RCA jacks for video game systems.  A full 30" slide  in the master bedroom makes it extra roomy, and creates a greater distance from the bunk-beds for added privacy. This model has an exterior length of 35'5".  The base MSRP for the 34B is $101,740.

2007 Four Winds Hurricane floorplan 34B

The 2007 Hurricane 34S with 3 slides is shown below - new model for 2007  

The 34S is one of the first entry-level Class A motorhomes to offer dual zone living.  The living area in the bedroom features a comfortable fabric sofa with large window, and a full 23" LCD television.  Just outside the bedroom and across from the bathroom, is an oversize mirrored wardrobe with drawers and roomy changing area.  This model has an exterior length of 35'5".  The base MSRP for the 34S is $102,130.

2007 Four Winds Hurricane floorplan 34S

Just how nice a bedroom arrangement this is can be seen in the picture below:

The third Hurricane model we feature is the popular 31D.  This is shorter - 32'3" exterior length - and has 2 slides, giving a very spacious living area.

2007 Four Winds Hurricane floorplan 31D

Some of the features of the 2007 Hurricane:
  • Available on both a Ford chassis with a 6.8-liter Triton engine and a GVWR of 20,500-lbs., and a Chevy Workhorse chassis with a 8.1-liter Vortec engine with a GVWR of 20,700-lbs
  • An exclusive full three-year, 45,000-mile limited structural warranty is standard on all Hurricane motorhomes
  • Two optional graphics/partial paint packages and a standard graphics exterior from which to choose
  • New interior décor packages are available with a choice of standard Oak cabinetry, or Maple and Cherry cabinetry options
  • Tubular steel welded floor system
  • 5,000 lb. trailer hitch
  • Wide range of options   
2007 Four Winds Hurricane exterior 2007 Four Winds Hurricane living and dining area
2007 Four Winds Hurricane kitchen 2007 Four Winds Hurricane bedroom


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2007 Four Winds Hurricane

2 new models for 2007
New models priced at around $102k base MSRP
   See all latest RV reviews here

Forum - Readers comments:
Latest shown first 

Lorna Zemar :   We have a 2006 34N Hurricane with 3 slides that only has 11,000 miles on it and the interior is like new. We are asking $45,000 for it.

Timb :   Continue to have LR slide problems. Nownun Billings, Mt. No Rv shop wants to work on a hydraulic system. We did get a mobile repair service to help us. He did what he could to adjust the slide, bled the system. The slide is currently staying in place when retracted. Hydraulic motor is being replaced.The weight of the slide has permantly bowed the supports and one of the two support rollers is frozen. We added a wide piece of Teflon to help the slide get over the non functioning roller.

TimB :   We have a 2007 Hurricane 34B. We like the layout but continue to have problems with the slideouts primarily the couch/booth slide out. Very poor design. It has one center hydraulic piston (now using the 3rd one) and no other support to help guide the slide. This trip, after closing the slide, it started inching out (when driving or parked). Installed new hydraulic valve and "anti creep valve" from the Equalizer factory. When trying to close the slide it stops moving (frustrating and worrisome when traveling). At a loss on how to fix this without removing the slide and modifying the slide support system.

jessie Oystrek :   Would like to sell 2010 Class A motorhome, 31 G. Bunk model, 2 slides beautiful unit. kitchen in the middle, roomy bathroom with glass shower doors. hardley used maybe 3 times, Excellent condition 9,470 miles. Must Sell do to divorce. 78,000.00 780-238-6040

Linda :   We are looking at buying a 2005 Four Winds Hurricane motor home. Can anyone give us some comments about them?

d mann :   For you Ford chassis out there, check out the "Cheap Handling Fix" thread on IRV2.net. You simply re-attached your front sway bar using the inner bolt holes. Can anyone give me the CCC rating on a 30Q?

Ron :   Looking at a 06 Four Winds Hurricane 31D. Towing capacity is 5000 lbs. I need more than that. Anybody have any ideas?

ChinoBob :   We are selling our '06 Hurricane.22K miles. 32R model w 2 slides. 50 amp 2 a/c. Many many xtras. Excellent cond and comes with everything, including all toad towing gear. Way too much more to list. Asking $50000. 714-393-3533

Walter :   2009 34 ft. Hurricane. Our problem water appears under rug rear of engine compartment. It is not leaking from the roof but stains the carpet with a rusty color stain. Anyone have a clue what is causing this leak.

Rylee smith :   Its to much much money :(

Kathy T. :   Looking for a 2002-2006 Hurricane 34B model in the 40-50,000.00 price range. 330-881-3205

wally :   Hi, Im looking at a leftover Hurricane 30Q does anyone have any pros or cons on this unit. If you recently bought one what price range was the purchase. Trying to get the lowest price and beat the depreciation. Thanks for any help

Monaco Man :   Hi Wayne & Linda. I assume that the manufacturer has used the 6 volt, deep cycle golf cart batteries as the house battery pack. Most manufacturers do this and they use two 6 volt batteries, hooked in series which gives you 12 volts. By using the deep cycle 6 volt golf cart batteries, you have much more battery capacity for your house system. My Monaco uses eight 6 volt batteries with four sets of two hooked in series to give 12 volts and then the 4 sets are hooked in parallel to provide additional battery capacity. I hope this helps you understand your battery system better.

WAYNE & LINDA :   JUST BOUGHT A 2007 34b 13000.miles DRIVES GREAT. HOWEVER. I found THEIR were 6 volt BATTs. FOR the coach. HAS any one ever heard of this ????

Frank G :   I have a 2010 Hurricane. We have had it about 1 1/2 years. We have had nothing but problems with it. The first thing, there was no AC in the front of the coach. We had to take it to 3 different service areas befor it was fixed. The steering was really eratic, was hard to hold on the road. Still not fixed after having it worked on at 4 different Ford dealers. It leaked around the windshield and the rubber gasket had to be replaced. Had problems with the slider not sliding out. We are extremily unhapper with the RV.

Tim Getzlaff :   I have a 2010 Hurricane 34B w/bunk beds for sale. Used 5 nites only. Mileage is from the factory to the dealer in Houston, TX 1700. 50 Hours on generator. Deliverd in May 2010 and used for the first time on July 11, 2011. Monthly maintenance performed regarding starting and running of engine, generator, etc. during my absence and storage. Leaving the country again and do not wish to store it in my shop again. Contact 409.351.0370 or email sevenb47@ymail.com

A & M Bryson :   After about two years of looking and researching my husband and I bought a slightly used 2008 Four Winds Hurricane 34B last summer and absolutely love the layout!! It only had 134 hours on the generator and 8000 miles on the engine. Although both our children are grown I talked my hubby into buying a bunk model, and because I’m a quilter and there is plenty of room in the bedroom to set up my sewing. I can close the door and I don't disturb my hubby in the living room. This layout is great because when our kids come and visit we have room to sleep 4 extra adults!! (We let them decide which couple gets the bunk beds and which one gets the pull out.) And the bunks can be used as extra storage when not in use (they are great for golf clubs). We did have an issue with leaks at the living room and bed room slides but they were fixed under warrant and are fine now. We also had an issue with the thermostat control and again it was replaced under warrant and is fine. All in all, the unit is wonderful and the price made it possible for us to full time because we didn’t have to mortgage our Motorhome. From what we have found no Motorhome (like a house) is perfect so we found one that fit us and got fixed what needed to be fixed. :O)

Robert and Linda in FL :   We have a 34U and we love the floor plan. We took it out 3 days after purchase and we spent 5 months on the road. Love the way it drives. We hade only one issue and it was minor.

Steve :   Hi Folks, We are thinking at buying a used Hurricane but when we drove it the cab had so much motor noise. Does anyone have advise? Thanks, Steve

Phil :   I have a 2007 34N. I lost a TV and Microwave when a power surge took place at an RV resort in Palm Springs. Is it possible to install a hard wire surge protector, notwithstanding the Roto-Cast Utility Station.

Steve Hayes :   We have a 34B 2008 Hurricane for sale 20K miles, very very clean, kept inside for storage email me at kieferhayes@sbcglobal.net

jaw :   07 hurricane 34b loaded 20k miles all new tires, bunks 2 flat screens very very clean and kept indoors...a must see if looking for a gasser!!!

G Bolton :   I have a 2008 Hurricane 34B Class A Motorhome for sale. This unit is immaculate!! It is in like new condition. Need to sell today!! $69,900. comes with extended warranty and roadside contact me @ 479-414-6954

Jim McGuire :   I have a 2007 34 ft for sale also it has less than 5000 miles and kept under storage year around we need about $ 76,000.00 great coach economy has changed our plans for a few years partsman@crestviewcable.com

Justin :   We have a 2008 34B. Love it. Really recommend the Hurricane for price and quality. Like the 34B but the 34U floorplan looks awesome. Love the look of the dinette.

Brutus :   I have had noting but problems. I have replaced the coach battery. The wire came loose from the backup camera.Now its in the shop because the winshield is falling out. In addition I was trying to figure out why there was so much noise in the cab.Guess what the window on the passenger side was set incorrectly by the manufacturer and therefore would not close. I want my money back. Poor, Poor quality.

Robin :   My husband and I are looking at a 2006 Four Winds Hurricane 33H. We had some questions about standard eqipment on that model.1. Are 2 air conditioners standard? 2. Chrome or Aluminum wheels standard or optional? 3.Spare tire kit standard or optional? 4. Is the regular cook top different from a gas grill option? Thanks for any info you can give me.

Dave & Lisa :   We have 2008 31D. We have travelled in it for the last 18 months and have now done 24,000 miles. We are really happy with the layout and the price we paid. We are very impressed with the way the whole RV is configured for ease of use. We had some minor repairs with one slide. Everything elses works extremely well. Would recommend this company.

Happy Camper :   We bought a 2008 Four Winds Hurricane 31D and love the plan and the interior design. It is a great value and has lots of extras. We have looked a many more expensive makes and models and we wouldn't trade.

Linda in Florida :   We have the 2006 32R and love it. We have no problems with it except the exhaust fan which quit. It rides nice, very comforatble, storage is great. Its also for sale since our jobs are not letting us travel for a few years. 65k buys it.

JOE :   Hi. could anyone tell me if a four winds hurrican 34n class a motor home comes with a screen for the emergency window in bedroom. thanks joe

Cindy :   Have a 2006 hurricane 34n. I have experienced some problems. The latest I tried to open bathroom door..noticed door frame and trim work is all warped and messed up? It appears we sprung a leak in the shower area and it ran under the shower pan to the toilet area. Anyone else with this aweful problem?

Bob D :   Just traded in my 2007 35' Georgetown Bunk Model in on a 2008 34B. I am quite impressed in the improvements they have made. Talk about a night and day difference in quality compared to the Georgetown, the hurricane is built solid, drives better with more options for the same price... After 3 weeks of solid use and two softball tournaments with 10 teenage girls and their families I only had 4 items on a list to take back... Very minor things... I am a former engineering manager for Chinook Motorhomes and Alpine Coach, so after having been in this trade for 20 years I can say that this coach has the quality and craftsmanship of RV's at twice the price point.

TOM SHERMAN :   I want a Four Winds class A. like Four Winds.

margie :   We love the ride doesn't lean when turning like our other one did (not a Four Winds product), good wheel base. With 2 slide outs in the front room its huge, bathroom large enough for 2 if one needs help. I use the shower for trash storage and dirty clothes. In the morning my husband and I race to the drivers seat to see who drives first. Only real problem was coach batteries not charging was not noticeable on short trips. Checked everything replaced batteries several times, problem was even the replacement converters were bad. Four Winds said converters were bad and had substitute. No more problems! One important issue for me is I have to prop pilows around me because the drivers seat does not move up far enough and, next time I would request a couch that flips to a bed not a pull out.

patti :   We are now in our 3rd motorhome! First was Class C, 2nd was Class A, now back to Class C. We have the 2006 Fleetwood Tioga. We tow a 2004 Grand/Cher. Jeep and hardly know it is behind us! It rides and drives like a dream. It is a WONDERFUL RV with UNHEARD of storage underneath-lots of it. We never fill the whole area! The only problem we've had is the hotwater heater.

Jay W :   We purchased a 2007 Hurricane 34B last year and love it. We have had some minor wiring issues and a couple of the slides recently needed adjusting, but no major problems. The floorplan is great for families and is much better than staying in a hotel when we are traveling to ice hockey games and tournaments!

Monte :   I have a 2005 Hurricane 34N that I really enjoy. I've had a tag along and a Class C, but none compare to my 34N. It has all options except the color backup monitor and navigation system. I pull a 2006 Saturn Vue and have no problems what-so-ever. The mileage veries with what I tow and how I drive. *mpg is average driving 55-60, sometimes 65.

ROLN BNB :   We have a 31D. The floor plan is excellent. The Ford triton V10 has plenty of get up and go. The brakes are very good at stopping. The turning radius and handling are superior to the 27 ft Class C we traded in.

Wayne :   I have the 2007 34N and it's my first RV. I love it! Great value for the money. Some startup problems due to poor quality control at the factory: radio inop (wire came loose), coach DC system inop (undocumented circuit breaker popped in box under hood), awning brackets causing noise (reinstalled with more clearance), shower door magnetic strip wouldn't stay in place (superglued), water pump froze on first night with sub-freezing temperatures (heater hose from interior to basement had not been installed). The dealer fixed these items in less than one day. Be aware the "satellite ready" Jensen radio requires an expenseive ($200) tuner and antenna installation to receive Sirius radio broadcasts. I purchased a portable unit for $69 at Best Buy that works just great.

Joel Goodman :   We are Full Timing in the '06 34N with 3 slides and enjoy it very much. We would like a better doors and locks on the basement, but that is really the only complaint.

Ron :   I have a Four Winds 2007 34n I love this model...When I need to get away this is my second home...this is my third RV and is like a home on the go...

Paula Canning :   We hve a 2004 Four Winds Dutchmen class C. Loved this RV no real problems and value for money. Would love to get a class A and the hurricane looks perfect. Like the dual zone arrangement.

Kelly :   I think the bedroom arrangement with the sofa and the big wardrobe is awesome.

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