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2007 Four Winds 5000 class C motorhome
"Packed with value"

Four Winds says: "It's easy to see that nothing else will measure up. In comfort. In quality. In value."


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The 2007 Four Winds 5000 is available in 5 floorplans.  The smallest of these - the 21RB does not have a bed, only a cab over bunk.  The next - the 23A (floorplan shown below) - has a queen bed, and is a nice arrangement at only 24'7" overall length.  The 24T (25'11") and the 28A (29'7") are also available. The longest model, with 2 slides, is the 29R (floorplan shown below) - 30'6" overall length.

2007 Four Winds 5000 exterior

2007 Four Winds 5000 living area

2007 Four Winds 5000

2007 Four Winds 5000 29R floorplan
2007 Four Winds 5000 29R floorplan

2007 Four Winds 5000 23A floorplan
2007 Four Winds 5000 23A floorplan

Features of the 2007 Four Winds 5000:
  • 80" interior height
  • Ford chassis with 6.8L Triton engine or Chevy/Workhorse chassis with 6.0L Vortec engine 
  • Fully welded tubular steel floor system - standard all models 
  • Fully laminated roof, walls and floors with high-density block foam - standard all models 
  • Residential linoleum (galley, bath and entry way) - standard all models 
  • Queen-size bed with innerspring mattress and memory foam top - all models other than 21RB
2007 Four Winds 5000 kitchen 2007 Four Winds 5000 bedroom



The price?  The Four Winds 5000 30' 28AE is offered for around $70,000 (2007)
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Four Winds says: "It's easy to see that nothing else will measure up. In comfort. In quality. In value."  "Packed with value"?

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Forum readers comments:
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linda k bailey :   love to see a 34 footer in myarea live at 46366 .contack me on fhe closes area .

Bob :   Seeking feedback about a reliable class-c diesel. What has your experience been? Any particular manufacturers you'd suggest? Thank you.

robert marchese :   if this were manufactured with the Dodge 4500 or 5500 chasis I'd be interested in purchasing one!

Jord :   Like Four Winds. We purchased a 2007 Four Winds 5000 28a. It is our first Rv, and it is the best investment we ever made. It has plenty of room, and the grandchildren love it. it handles great and is very comfortable. There is a lot of storage space. I really give Four Winds props for this RV. The only problem we have had is that the holding tank for the sink and shower fills very quickly because of its small size. But all in all, it is a BEAUTIFUL vehicle.

Joe T :   We purchased a 2007 four-winds with the Chev. Express engine, but we can't find a dealer to service us. Serra Chev people say take it to the dealer, and the dealer is 200 miles away. They won't even give me an oil change.

Nabila :   We have a 2007 Four Winds 5000 23A and love it. Kids love it, dogs love it. Plenty of room despite its short length. Never had a problem. Comfortable, handles well, plenty of power. Kids love the cabover bed. Four Winds are great.

Pattie J :   We used to have a class A motorhome (Holiday Rambler 40') but downsized to a 23' Four Winds 500. We now find it much easier to get around and we don't really miss anything about the big coach. The only real thing I would say is definitely not the same is the holding tank capacity. I'm not sure about how many gallons but I do know they fill up much quicker. Doesn't matter when you're in a campground but it's real important if you boondock. The 4 winds is a beautiful coach inside and very good value. We bought a 2 years old unit and even though we didn't get what we wanted on the HR we still walked away with a lot of money.

Daniel Hulse :   We have a Four Winds with a slide. The only problem we've had in 2 years is the slide leaked when we first used it but that was solved by the dealer. We have the chevy chassis, I like the looks better than the Ford. It has plenty of power and the inside is roomy enough for us. Only criticism I would make are that the shower stall is too small and after a couple of years and 31,000 miles I'm starting to think the shocks need renewing. I think the Four Winds is good value and it is comfortable and seems good quality to me.

Terri :   A touch of luxury. Seems adquate and fairly comfortable for long trips. The price is right. I think that the smallest one, the 21' would be the most practical for getting around in parks and small towns. It is for people who really like "camping", but also enjoy some creature comforts.

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