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2007 Dutchmen Travel Trailer

2007 Dutchmen travel trailer

"Dutchmen products offer more value for your dollar than any other recreational vehicle"

Dutchmen is a best selling travel trailer and 5th wheel brand that aims at "high quality and value." They claim to "offer more value for your dollar than any other recreational vehicle." Dutchmen also claims to be "focused on providing innovative products that are loaded with standard equipment and unique features." Dutchmen advise Roaming Times that the base MSRP starts at around $12,000. (2007 - see 2009 Dutchmen review here )

The range of lengths and arrangement is truly amazing, and we show 4 of these below.

2007 Dutchmen travel trailer exterior

2007 Dutchmen travel trailer interior

2007 Dutchmen 18F Lite
This is the smallest travel trailer Dutchmen make. There are two options available in this length. Shown here is the option with the sofa bed to the side (the other has this at the front.)

2007 Dutchmen 18F Lite floorplan

2007 Dutchmen 26S DSL
There are several mid-length options available (Dutchmen certainly have a very wide range of options.) The one shown under has bunk beds and the dinette in a full slide-out - a really nice family arrangement. Another option (not shown here) in this length, without the bunks, offers the dinette and sofa bed in a single flush-floor slide-out.
(These floorplans - to maximize the space and make them as easy as possible to look at - are not shown to the same scale of course ..)

2007 Dutchmen 26S DSL floorplan

2007 Dutchmen 30L DSL
There are also several options in this longer length - with and without bunks. The one shown below really takes advantage of the space available when bunk beds are not a requirement ...

2007 Dutchmen 30L DSL floorplan

2007 Dutchmen 38B DSL
Finally, we show a monster with not only bunk beds but also 2 dinettes - an amazing family RV ...

2007 Dutchmen 38B DSL floorplan

Some of the main features of the 2007 Dutchmen travel trailers:
  • I-beam cambered chassis
  • Fiberglass insulation-R7
  • 1 piece seamless EPDM rubber roof (12 year rubber warranty)
  • 5/8" exterior grade tongue & groove plywood floor
  • Residential tile-like linoleum
  • Norcold double door gas/electric refrigerator
  • Extra large, double bowl sink with high rise faucet
  • Oversized storage drawers with metal drawer guides
  • Many optional extras including a "comfort package"

2007 Dutchmen bedroom 2007 Dutchmen kitchen
2007 Dutchmen dinette 2007 Dutchmen ultra lub hubs

2007 Dutchmen travel trailer

"Dutchmen products offer more value for your dollar than any other recreational vehicle"

Base MSRP starts around $12,000 (2007)
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