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CrossRoads explosive growth

2007 Crossroads Cruiser fifth wheel

CrossRoads made 1,347 fifth wheels and travel trailers in all of ’03. They made more than triple that many in the first six months of 2006.  In the first 9 months of 2006, with a flat RV market showing only 0.4 percent growth, CrossRoads say they had a 46 percent increase in retail units and a 40 percent increase in market share.  (Read more about CrossRoads growth here.)  The Cruiser model was largely responsible for the overall rise in CrossRoads’ fifth-wheel sales from No. 23 to No. 4 in the RV market over the last three years.

We show the floorplan of the new-for-2007 CF25RB Cruiser below, as well as a picture of the exterior of a Cruiser 5th wheel and a living area interior.

CrossRoads say that the Cruiser "is built with our lightweight, all-aluminum construction that gives you more towing flexibility. This, along with the solid construction of our hung walls, fiberglass exterior and one-piece rubber roof are just some of the standard features you won’t find in other comparable products."

The new CF25RB has a queen bed and bunk beds for the kids. CrossRoads adds that "The living room/kitchen slide expands for comfort and spaciousness. The bathroom features a tub, making bath-time fun and easy for kids. Lots of overhead storage can be found, as well as a queen bedroom, offering peaceful R&R after a day of family adventure. With space for TVs in the living area and bedroom, the occasional rainy day isn't so bad."

What do you think? 

New for 2007 - Crossroads Cruiser CF25RB floorpan
New for 2007 - CrossRoads Cruiser CF25RB floorplan 

Crossroads Cruiser - 5th wheel exterior, living area interior

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Readers comments:

E.J. :   We ordered an '07 27rl in April of '06, it came in in 6 wks. A few minor bugs. We loved it!If I could have had another on ordered the same with the door in front of the wheels and a 40" TV it would be in my driveway right now. I really liked it. GVWR was a perfect ride. Now I have a 2015 I am now happy with, I need to stay under 31' Please make another one with the '07 quality and call me.

Bud :   I have a 2007 Cruiser model CF29RE and a couple of the decals look like crap. A month after asking Crossraods what the warranty is and then having to send the president a email I finally got smoe action. I was told there is 5 years on decals. Then when you get serious with them they would send out the decals but not cover the r and r costs??? When I get asking as to why they say this is a good will by them so no labour as the 5 year clock starts the day it cam off the assembly line??? Not when you sign on the bottom line and take ownership??? SO if they sit on the unit and can't sell it for a year it is your problem not theirs??? I then emailed the president again and asked if the microwave for example has a one year parts and labour on it and when I bought the trailer it was officially 11 months old you as the new owner only have 1 month warranty?????? To date I have not heard back from anyone with Crossroads. CAUTION they won't get back to you and their warranty isn't how you think it would be.

John :   We have a 07 5th wheel, had some problems with decals, company took excellent care of us, over and above service, highly recommend Cruiser.

Kevin,Glenna :   Wayne-We bought new a 2007 cruiser with the rear living room and two slide. We noticed shortly after our first trip, the rear bottom trim piece was not chaulked or secured well and water rolling off the roof had rolled right into the trim piece and soaked right up the wood laminate and to a point the insulation was getting a little damp.We thought we had fixed it well with chaulk,better screws,woodharder, and better ladder screws, etc. Just this week my husband noticed some of the chaulk at the bottom was bubbled some. He opened it up and about 6 cups of water came out! He checked the rear windows, lights, etc and no loose or missing chaulk. NOthing there so he took off the side and bottom trim pieces where he discovered dampness at the sides or water coming out when he took off the bottom trim piece. Luckily no water has gotten high enough to effect the interior walls. With the side trim loose,he sees that water is getting into the outside bottom area wall while we are driving in the rain. With the wind driving the water towards the back, it is forcing itself through any tiny opening back there. Where the side bottom sheet metal that is curved, it is going right into that area where all the trim pieces are coming together. We had some sand where we had chaulked that cup looking plastic trim piece that goes over the side and bottom pieces.FRom going to the beach! My husband has some pictures if you would like to see. e-mail us at coolnorthernair@msn.com We think we caught this before any real damage has occurred. dated 10-28-09

Wayne :   I purchased a used 2007 cruiser 5th wheel 32 ft with two slides in 2008. I have used it for 6 weeks out of the last two years. Problem: I have a water leak at the lower part of the back wall and where the floor connects.I have checked everything from hoses to fittings including removing the fresh water tank and cannot find the source. I am now suspecting the back window as the black seal around the window is shrinking at the corner of the window,it is the seal just above the window that opens. There seems to be a small hole in the metal part of the window on the inside where the seal has shrunk. I think rain and mositure gets into and maybe runs down the wall and underneath the floor. I noticed the water between the corner bead along the back wall and the bottom of the trailer at the back. The inside of the trailer is completely dry and does not show any signs of water or mositure problems. Question: I am wondering if anyone else who owns a cruiser had any problems with there windows seals shrinking away from the corners. Because the lower part of the window is square the seal is cut at the corner and then a new strip is started to the complete the seal which during hot temperatures causes the seal to shrink. I need help to solve this problem, comments please. Outside of this problem we are very happy with the trailer. Thanks

Firefox :   Like Crossroads. We have a Crossroads Cruiser 28 CB travel trailer and are very happy with it. After looking at many other brands, this was the one with the value and the craftmanship was great. No problems with it at all.

Mike :   We have been Fulltiming in a 2005 Crossroads Cruiser CF29CK since May of 05. Great unit. First class customer service. Recommend Crossroads

Craig Wycek :   We bought a 2005 Cruiser and had no problems with it. Some drawers and one of the cargo door latches needed correction and this was fixed. The new cruiser looks good and very similar to ours except the kids bunks. A good product.

Hal Ross :   We like Crossroads very much, they're very well priced and the quality is better than most. We wouldn't want the bunk beds option but it's very good for families. This is a good company with a good product.

Connie :   We have a 04 Cruiser 27RL 5th wheel and we love it. Great value for money and good quality, there's nothing to not like. The 2007 arrangement looks great for families with the bunk beds and I like the tub. These people are doing things right and that's why they've had explosive growth.

Mike R :   2005 Crossroads Cruiser CF29CK 5th Wheel. Been traveling since new in May 05. Had a major water tank failure however the factory stepped up and took care of it. Great customer service. Triple slides and U shaped kitchen are excellent features. Fit and Finish are very well done. Not much to dislike. 2 year warranty and from our experience they back it up. Bought the unit from Martin's RV in PA. Grat people wonderful service and no BS. Based upon your experiences, would you buy one of this manufacturer's RVs again?: Yes. Rating: 5/5.

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