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2007 Crossroads Cruiser

CrossRoads explosive growth

2007 Crossroads Cruiser fifth wheel

CrossRoads made 1,347 fifth wheels and travel trailers in all of 03. They made more than triple that many in the first six months of 2006. In the first 9 months of 2006, with a flat RV market showing only 0.4 percent growth, CrossRoads say they had a 46 percent increase in retail units and a 40 percent increase in market share. ( Read more about CrossRoads growth here .) The Cruiser model was largely responsible for the overall rise in CrossRoads fifth-wheel sales from No. 23 to No. 4 in the RV market over the last three years.

We show the floorplan of the new-for-2007 CF25RB Cruiser below, as well as a picture of the exterior of a Cruiser 5th wheel and a living area interior.

CrossRoads say that the Cruiser "is built with our lightweight, all-aluminum construction that gives you more towing flexibility. This, along with the solid construction of our hung walls, fiberglass exterior and one-piece rubber roof are just some of the standard features you wont find in other comparable products."

The new CF25RB has a queen bed and bunk beds for the kids. CrossRoads adds that "The living room/kitchen slide expands for comfort and spaciousness. The bathroom features a tub, making bath-time fun and easy for kids. Lots of overhead storage can be found, as well as a queen bedroom, offering peaceful R&R after a day of family adventure. With space for TVs in the living area and bedroom, the occasional rainy day isn't so bad."

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New for 2007 - Crossroads Cruiser CF25RB floorpan
New for 2007 - CrossRoads Cruiser CF25RB floorplan

Crossroads Cruiser - 5th wheel exterior, living area interior

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