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Born Free President RQ 2007
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"Designed to make your life on the road as comfortable as you are safe"

The Born Free President RQ is a new model that Born Free describes as a "beautiful addition to our fleet of magnificent coaches is designed to make your life on the road as comfortable as you are safe."

2007 Born Free 32' exterior

2007 Born Free 32' interior

2007 Born Free President RQ 32'

2007 Born Free President RQ 32 floorplan

Features of the new President
  • A roomy galley that features oak wood, a recessed stovetop and sink area
  • The living area features a 20 flat screen TV with a built in Bose Wave Radio and many different furniture arrangements that you can choose from
  • The split bathroom has a door that swings and latches into the hallway, making the master bedroom your private area
  • You can choose between a Select Comfort Sleep by Number queen sized walk around bed or twin inclining beds
  • The spacious bathroom also has solid surface counters and lots of storage

This top of the range Born Free model starts at $131,420.00 (2007)
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"Designed to make your life on the road as comfortable as you are safe"

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Readers comments:

Don :   We purchased a 2010 Born Free, 27 Rear Side Bed model. We've owned several RV's and motor homes. The last one was a 2002 41' Newmar Dutch Star. Nothing compares to the Born Free regarding quality, value and highway control. I have never met a better salesman than Jim at Born Free in Iowa. Consumer's RV Group rates Born Free 5 stars. They hit the nail on the head.

Robert Ball :   I went to look at this coach after reading this review. It was really beautiful. The model I saw was with a sofa bed and the dining arrangement. You say in the review that the price is $131k but the model I saw was $154k. Beautiful but too expensive.

Jason :   These are wonderful RVs. I'm delighted with my 2005 unit that I bought new. Mine is 22 feet. The 32 feet looks perfect, but the price !!!

CM :   I have a 2004 Born Free that I bought used and absolutely love it. Being new to the Class C world, I can't believe how lucky I am to have stumbled into buying an absolutely solid & safe product. Can't think of a thing. Has everything I need. Born Free company obviously has taken great care, thought & it appears customer input building their coaches. Wouldn't drive or buy anything else. You get your monies worth plus buying this coach & surprisingly....the customer service is beyond outstanding. It's not a comment you can make easily with so many companies building really sub-standard coaches & virtually non-existant customer service....

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