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Camping is now easier than ever with today's wonderful trailers and truck campers.  This section of Roaming Times provides information to research campers and/or tell people your experiences ...

2014 Chalet RV DS116FB Truck Camper The 2014 Chalet RV DS116FB truck camper fits on an extended bed pickup and has two standard slides that really open up the campers livable space.
2014 Northwood Manufacturing Arctic Fox Model 811 The 2014 Northwood Arctic Fox Model 811 Truck Camper has a list of refinements and upgrades such as stainless steel appliances, new mattress, system monitor command center, all-LED lighting inside and out, and more.
2015 Livin Lite Quicksilver 10.0 Tent Camper Spacious offers a 200 sq ft interior that comfortably sleeps 6, towable by today's fuel-efficient cars & mini-vans
2015 Livinlite Camplite 8.5 All Aluminum Truck Camper Designed for the full size, short bed truck with 6’-6'6’’ beds will fit some ½ ton, and all ¾ ton trucks.
2015 Starcraft Comet Hardside H1232 Camping Trailer This is a variation of the tent pop-up camper and trailer for campers who still want the camping experience, but would rather have some comfort and amenities included in their camping excursions without the pop out tents.
Adventurer 950B truck camper Ideal for families - "features the industries FIRST slide out bunk!"
Aliner Expedition folding camper "In 2008, the Expedition was completely redesigned, improving on a time tested model"
Aliner folding camping trailer "The original solid wall, folding camper, proudly celebrates 25 years"
American Teardrop Trailer camper 2011 "Easy, secure, light weight, comfortable, affordable, fun - having FUN just became a whole lot easier"
Bigfoot 1500 series truck camper The lightest and most aerodynamic of the Bigfoot truck campers - "long-lasting, low maintenance adventuring"
CampLite 10' truck camper by Livin' Lite 2011 "If you have a small pick up truck and have been looking for an affordable truck camper that would not exceed your vehicles payload capacity – this is it!”
Casita small travel trailer 2011 "Manufacturing since 1983 - It’s the quality of workmanship and materials ... exceptional customer satisfaction is another plus”
Coachmen Clipper Sport Camping Trailer 2009 "A folding trailer with floorplans and prices to satisfy virtually every family"
Coleman Americana LE Series camping trailer Classic Americana Series styling and timeless quality, at new lower price points. A sensible choice for many camping enthusiasts.
Coleman Destiny Series camping trailer "The reliability of North America's most popular camping trailers at a smaller size and price - when quality and economy count, you can rely on the Destiny Series"
Coleman Highlander Series camping trailer "Incomparable top-of-the-line comfort, features and easy towability. Rated as North America's most popular high side wall folding camping trailer"
Coleman Switchback camping trailer "In the camping mode, it features a backpacker style tent, which deploys to create a spacious 12'10"x6'7" space with accommodation for 4 or more campers"
Fleetwood / Coleman Evolution Camping Trailer 2009 5 models - "Rugged construction and good looks inside and out"
Forest River Flagstaff tent camper - Classic Series 2009 "Family values - enjoying good times together at a price you can afford without sacrificing comfort and convenience"
Forest River Rockwood Roo expandable travel trailer 2009 13 models with great floorplans and features ... "the Rockwood Roo focuses on easy set-up and camping comfort"
Forest River Rockwood Roo expandable travel trailer 2010 "Family convenience, quality, and fun have all been wrapped up into one expandable trailer focused on easy set-up and camping comfort."
Forest River Rockwood Roo expandable travel trailer 2012 "Family convenience, quality, and fun - loaded with amenities your family will enjoy every day they camp"
Forest River Shamrock expandable travel trailer 2009 "Sturdy, lightweight construction, excellent towing characteristics with quality and long-lasting value. The comfortable interior delivers the right combination of convenience, function, and tough durability"
Forest River Shamrock expandable travel trailer 2011 "Sturdy, lightweight construction, excellent towing characteristics, quality and long-lasting value. The right combination of convenience, function, and tough durability."
Heartland Focus liteweight travel trailer 2011 Offering a mix of 7.5-foot wide and hybrid tent-end models, the all-new Heartland Focus "targets the entry-level segment of the lightweight laminated travel trailer market"
Heartland MPG micro-lightweight travel trailer 2011 "You - Active Lifestyle, Environmentally Conscious, Appreciate Creative Design, Demand the Highest Quality. So do we, that’s why we created the MPG. Can be towed by many of today’s popular crossover vehicles and smaller SUVs."
Hi-Lo Sporty Towlite 15T - 2008 Just 15' long - telescopic travel trailer
Jayco Baja camping trailer (14F) 2010 "Made for adventurous RVers who like to haul equipment, gear and toys for exploring off-the-beaten-path terrain"
Jayco Jay Series camping trailer 2009 "Ditch that tent - the Jay Series is Jayco’s most popular and affordable camping trailer"
Jayco Select camping trailer 2009 Jayco’s premier camping trailer with "the finest interior amenities, featuring high walls for extra storage and headroom along with modern kitchen conveniences"
Lance truck camper 830 "The all-new distinctive Euro-style design with a spacious floorplan"
Livin Lite Jeep camping trailer 2010 "A unique camper that is going to bring the RV lifestyle to a truly mainstream audience"
Northstar Escape Pod truck camper A camper designed for a flatbed truck (giving more space than a pickup) - a less expensive alternative to a class C or B?
Northstar Freedom truck camper "Versatile enough to fit almost every short-bed half-ton truck on the market today"
Northwood Arctic Fox truck camper 2010 "Built to withstand off-road use without leaving behind the comforts of home, the Arctic Fox Camper is the most popular full wall slide out truck camper on the market today."
Oregon expandable truck camper by Chalet Light weight, hard sided and expandable! Aerodynamic, comfortable traveling. "A perfect match for single rear-wheeled trucks."
Palomino Bronco folding truck camper 2011 "Ideally suited for today’s pick up trucks with a low profile that enhances fuel efficiency and easy handling on the road. A roomy interior is created with a pop-up roof that increases living space."
Palomino Bronco truck camper 2009 "This lightweight truck camper features a pop-up roof that raises with an easy-to-operate crank system"
Quicksilver 10.0 tent camper by Livin' Lite "Designed in response to the demand for an even lighter, more easily towed tent camper that can be towed by the smallest of cars and even some larger motorcycles!"
Quicksilver 2.0 motorcycle/atv camper by Livin' Lite "Incredible value. Based on similar designs that have been around for decades but mainly made from aluminum instead of plywood, making it extremely durable and long-lasting"
Quicksilver 6.0 automotive tent camper 2010 by Livin' Lite "Designed in response to the demand for an even lighter, more easily towed tent camper that can be towed by the smallest of cars and even some larger motorcycles!"
Quicksilver 6.0 tent camper by Livin' Lite Easy to tow - aerodynamic and only 5' wide - and you can open it up while still attached to the car!
Quicksilver Automotive Camper by Livin' Lite "Back to the basics - the best overall camping value for your money"
Quicksilver truck camper by Livin' Lite "Light enough for two people to slide it into the truck bed, while being very affordable, and extremely easy to set up"
Serro Scotty Pup small travel trailer Raises the bar in small campers - ultra lite - a dry weight of just 1350 lbs and still offers a mounted toilet, 3.0 cu fridge, stove and sink
So-Cal teardrop trailer "So-Cal has painstakingly re-engineered the 'original' teardrop, with modern materials and technologies, while maintaining a hand fit and finish"
Starcraft folding camping trailer "Generous sleeping capacity, sound construction and the most-asked-for amenities at a great value"
Viking Epic folding camping trailer "Thoughtfully designed floorplans with space expanding slideout giving an incredibly roomy camper with great features"
VRV - Versatile Recreational Vehicle - by Livin' Lite - 2010 "Versatile – cargo and camping in an ultra lightweight design that can be towed by a large number of vehicles"