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In 2007 the Oregon Department of Justice culminated a complex, 18-month-long investigation of fraudulent registrations of out-of-state luxury motor coaches by charging Tualatin, Oregon resident Denise Harden with ten counts of Tampering with a Public Record and civil violations of Oregons Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization law.

Harden submitted a no contest plea and was sentenced to 24-months of probation on ten counts of Tampering with Public Records. As part of the civil judgment, she is subject to a permanent injunction preventing her from engaging in similar enterprises in the future and agreed to pay a $100,000 money award, which, as part of the agreement, was due in full at the time of the sentencing on the criminal charges.

"This settlement sends a clear message to those who choose to defraud states by falsely registering motor vehicles in Oregon and avoiding sales taxes and registration fees, stated Attorney General Hardy Myers

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RV Registration fraud case "sends a clear message" - Roaming Times

RV Registration fraud case "sends a clear message"

Oregon case warns against false registration of RVs...