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The components of a motorized recreational vehicle rental are nightly rental rate and mileage fees. Nightly rental rates vary throughout the year, often from one week to the next. For example the rental rate for a Standard Size 25 Class-C motorhome may be $120/night for the week of July 15, $128/night the following week and $176/night for the week of July 29. By planning your vacation around the peak rate periods you can easily save hundreds of dollars on a typical rental.

Mileage fees are the other main component of a motorized RV rental. Typical fees for mileage are 32 for each mile traveled. For larger Class-A units the fee is usually 49 per mile.

Four Winds Chateau Citation Sprinter class C motorhome exterior
Class C motorhome
( see RoTi class C section )
Damon Daybreak class A motorhome exterior
Class A motorhome
( see RoTi class A section )

Fuel consumption is the main other factor to consider when pricing up an RV rental. Typical fuel economy in a Class-C motorhome is 10 miles per gallon (regular unleaded gas) on the highway. For a five hundred mile trip you can figure approximately 50 gallons of gas, at $2.00/gallon thats $100 in fuel costs. At $2.50/gallon your fuel costs increase to $125 for the 500 mile trip.

Using our example of renting a 25 Class-C motorhome for seven nights starting the 15th of July for a 500 mile trip the math looks like this:

7 nights @ $120/night = $840.
500 miles @ 32/mile = $160.
State Tax & Rental Tax = $106.
Cost of Rental = $1106.
50 gallons gas @ $2.50 = $125.

Total = $1231

Tow-Behind RVs

Want to use your own vehicle? Then you can rent a Pop-Up camper with air-conditioning, refrigerator, stove, sink and furnace sleeps six comfortably. Make sure you can tow 2,000#. Go lighter weight with a Quicksilver camper. The 5.0 is only 520# and the 10.0 is 1,020#. Have a 1/2 ton truck or full size SUV? Then you may want the luxury of a 27 Travel Trailer with its on-board toilet and shower.

Other costs

NO Hidden Fees there should be none (there are none at Prosser RV.) All other costs and/fees should be detailed on the rental company's website in writing and discussed with you at the time of your departure. They usually ask that you return the RV in the same condition as it was when you picked it up. Specific fees for propane, cleaning and emptying holding tanks should be discussed at the time of RV orientation.

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Renting an RV?
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How much does it cost to rent an RV? - Roaming Times

How much does it cost to rent an RV?
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