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Downsizing from a class A motorhome to a class B?
Words of wisdom from Roaming Times' readers...
See reader's comments and experiences at bottom of page

Roadtrek 190 Versatile class B motorhome exterior
Roadtrek 190 Versatile class B motorhome - see review  

Travel by class B motorhome?
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The gist of the article:-

  • Downsizing from class A to B
  • Living in a class B for long periods?
  • Fuel consumption and the environment
  • Other things people say about B's
  • Roadtrek has more than 50% of the class B market

Better mileage and easier to drive?  Keith and June Bowen told Roaming Times:  "We downsized from a class A and have not regretted it. Better mileage and easier to drive with the class b, park and store all more than make up for less space."

Class A's - too much money and too much trouble storing?  Darril Hughes told Roaming Times:  "I am yet another who sold a class A and bought a class B. My 40' Holiday Rambler was just too much - too much money and too much trouble storing. My 17' Roadtrek is the nearest I ever want to come to an RV again. Class B's are definitely the best choice."

Fuel consumption and the environment?  Pat H told Roaming Times: "I spent $500 on gas yesterday, I suppose driving a class A motorhome is not very friendly for the environment. Maybe a class B would be better. But we're traveling less and staying more and so we do less miles so that's environment friendly. We also boondock sometimes and we've just got a bigger solar panel. We're fulltime and we use less resources than a house dweller. We use very little water and we use less heat and cooling.

Fulltiming or extended periods in a class B?

Homer asked: "Can one person live in one of these Class B's for say, 3 months without going stir crazy. Are the showers usable and practical or is this just a stop gap impracticality. I am on the verge of going to a "B" from many years as an "A" owner. Only those of you that have them and use them would know.?
Roadtrek RS-Adventurous class B motorhome exterior
Roadtrek RS Adventurous - see review

Fulltiming in a class B motorhome?

See RoTi fulltiming section

Fulltimed in a B for 8 years!   Trekker told Roaming Times: "I’ve owned a 1995 Roadtrek 190 Versatile Dodge with a 318 V-8 since late-‘94. It wasn't easy, but I lived in it full-time for 8 years in all! I've towed a 24' trailer & a small pickup truck with it. It has 80,000 mi. on it now & I'm planning to start travelling again this summer. All in all, it has been a great vehicle. Problems? Not many. And I love the compact size, maneuverability, gas mileage, and the fact that you can park it just about anywhere. I still think it's a great vehicle. Give it a try!"

On the other hand - several nights and then a motel - "We LOVE our Roadtrek! We have had a Monaco 36', a Lance pick up camper, a Rexhall 32' Motor home, a TrailLte B+, and several travel trailers. We were tired of paying for storage, and I was having trouble getting into and out of a higher vehicle. When we saw Class Bs we knew that one of those was for us! After checking out several different manufacturers, we chose the Roadtrek. We wish we'd gotten one long ago. We don't have the room of the big motor homes, but we have almost everything they have. Actually, we have TWO seating areas with a table in the RT, which we didn't have in the bigger ones. It's nice not to have to tow another vehicle, but knowing that we could if we wished. We can park in a regular parking space anywhere. We can park our RT in our driveway, as it looks pretty much like a regular van. We use it for traveling....the convenience of the kitchen and bathroom for long distance travel is wonderful. We have camped in it....and have several trips planned with it where we will camp for several nights and spend other nights in a motel or with relatives. We use it around town, as it has a lift on the back for my mobility scooter. It's a perfect all around vehicle for us!
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Which class B?

People keep mentioning their Roadtreks - and there's a good reason; according to Statistical Surveys figures in 2008, the market shares were:
Roadtrek 59.2%
Pleasure Way 27.7%
Winnebago 3.7%
Leisure Travel 3.5%
All the rest 5.9%
Roadtrek 190 Popular class B motorhome exterior
The Roadtrek 210 class B - see RoTi review
"A beautiful fusion of design, engineering and functionality with optional arrangements for seating and sleeping- the ultimate widebody class B!"

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What's it like inside a class B?
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American RV, MI

Roadtrek 170 Popular review

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( As a final thought, if you really wanted to downsize - teardrop trailers, small travel trailers, ultra-lites or, perhaps buy a trailer that you left in one place most of the time - a destination trailer )

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