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"It boils down to a greener, more efficient power plant"

Hefley Engine
Photo courtesy of hefleypower.com 
Rising gas prices?  Concerned about the environment?  Well, necessity is the mother of invention ...

No doubt we'll see some really good ideas born from high prices and pollution reduction.  Maybe this is one of them  .. what do you think?  Add your comments lower down the page ..

LAS VEGAS, June 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Everyone is distressed but no one was prepared. But one inventor has been working feverishly for over 12 years to make a more fuel-efficient engine. Personally using his own time and money he worked in secret to guard his unique designs. At times it looked impossible ... then finally a breakthrough! It all fell into place. Old engines were discarded and a brand new engine design was born. It was so versatile that it could easily do many things that old engine designs just could not do. It boils down to a greener, more fuel-efficient power plant.

Carl Hefley, CEO of the Hefley Engine Company, explains, "Our new patented engine uses all types of fuels, including gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, ethanol E85 and even hydrogen enriched combinations. The new engine can change to new fuels within seconds. Our product is NOT an add-on to the old engine. We have completely redesigned the entire engine. It even looks different. Expect 25 to 35 percent better gas mileage."

Mr. Hefley continues, "My new engine uses more OXYGEN than any other gasoline car engine being produced today. The air consumed is almost 21% oxygen. Gasoline engines can use about 12 times the normal oxygen levels by compressing the air. However, conventional engines only use these high amounts of oxygen when running wide open (where the most power is produced for the fuel consumed). People only need to run engines at full throttle occasionally, but when less power is needed -- you must close the throttle, thus starving the engine of energy-boosting OXYGEN and minimizing valuable fuel mileage."

"The answer is simple: Instead of throttling the engine back our engine reduces its inward size. It shrinks. The shrinking engine can run almost wide open where maximum oxygen is utilized producing the most power for the fuel consumed. Then, when more power is needed our engine quickly responds by becoming a larger engine. This makes for amazing economy while still providing the ample power needed," Hefley said.

He went on to say, "We are working with investors right now to secure the funds to perfect our engine and prove its superiority. Eventually we want to go public. I'd like to share my new design with everyone. Old technology just can't touch us. We expect to secure our initial financing from just a few investors who are serious about improving our planet and conserving the world's fuel supply. Minimum investment is one million. The very best use of the earth's natural resources is everyone's responsibility. Let's keep it green."

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What do you think? - add your comments here  
Rudy NeatherVariable displacement is what this engine is all about it can adjust its engine capacity (cc) to the circumstances. You can have a powerful engine or a commuting engine. Good idea, I'm not sure its new. Think I remember engines like this before.
John AIt's a stange looking engine and I can't really see how it "reduces its inward size." Fascinating though and if it really saves 25 to 30% fuel I hope it gets developed. But I think the answer is going to be more with different fuel engines.
Paul KMore and more new engines will develop I hope. I think the big step forward with engine design has been electronic timing and i don't really know what you can do to improve on this. Maybe the engine system automatically adjusts to the fuel quality and optimizes the combustion. Could be a big energy saver when you think of an rv or truck.

What do you think? - add your comments here

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