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Hilo Sporty 15T

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Hi-Lo Sporty TowLite - 15T
New for 2008 - Just 15' long telescoping travel trailer

Hi-Lo Trailers produce telescoping travel trailers. They've been doing it since 1957 and they say they're the "safest travel trailers in the world." New for 2008 is the 15T - just 15' long

Hi-Lo Sporty 15' towlite exterior

Hi-Lo says: "Every model we produce is self-contained, meaning that it has an on-board power supply (12-volt battery), lighting system, fresh water, waste water tanks, a three way refrigerator (gas, 110-volt, and 12-volt operation), flush toilet, sink, furnace, and a three burner range top. Each of these items operate on the 12-volt battery and LP gas tanks."

We show the floorplan for the 15T below. A wonderful use of the space! Hi-Lo says "This rear-entry trailer will comfortably sleep two to four people, and still offers all the benefits and amenities of a full-season camper."

Hi-Lo Sporty 15' towlite floorplan

We show 2 pictures of the interior below - one looking to the front and the other to the rear (entry door) end:

Hi-Lo Sporty 15' towlite interior looking forward

Hi-Lo Sporty 15' towlite interior looking to door end

Hi-Lo Sporty 15' TowLite - 15T
New for 2008

Base MSRP: awaiting manufacturer's info

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