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Camp Inn Teardrop Trailer

"Great Little Camping Trailers for the Great Big Outdoors"

The Camp-Inn teardrop trailer comes in 12 models, with base prices ranging from $5,934 to $15,692. The model shown in the picture below is the 550 Deluxe model with a base price of $10964. Camp-Inn has advised Roaming Times that they make about 80 trailers per year.

Camp-Inn teardrop trailer exterior

The Camp-Inn is a compact teardrop travel trailer consisting of a sleeping cabin and a kitchen compartment. Teardrops can be pulled easily by a midsize family car or smaller SUV's. The Camp-Inn trailer weighs as little as 850 lb. and as little as 130 lb. tongue weight.

Camp-Inn says: "Although Teardrops are small, They have more than enough room for 2-3 people. The Camp-Inn sleeping cabin holds a Queen size bed on 500/550/560 models. There is also room for storage of your gear. The sleeping cabin is hard sided and topped, eliminating the need for set up or tear-down. The sleeping cabin can double as storage/cargo space during travel."

Camp-Inn teardrop trailer kitchen
The kitchen at the rear of the trailer.
The sink is an option - note the long countertop
Camp-Inn teardrop trailer - stove option
The stove option - 2 burners/
There is also a cooler option .
Camp-Inn teardrop trailer interior Camp-Inn teardrop trailer interior looking to side

Some of the Camp-Inn's features (Camp-Inn information):

  • Body length - 8' and 10' models

  • Total length - 11'4" and 13'4"

  • Height - 5'1" and 5'4"

  • Interior cabin height - 3'8"

  • Wide range of options

A sleeping compartment
and a kitchen - what more
could you want?
Camp-Inn teardrop trailer - camping - what more could you want?

A sleeping compartment and a kitchen - what more could you want? ...
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