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2008 Serro Scotty

Serro Scotty
An old American classic is new again

Serro Scotty trailers were built from 1957 until 1997, when the plant in Irwin, Pennsylvania burned down. The plant later reopened in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania, but never again to make travel trailers.

In 2007, a new company, Serro Scotty Worldwide, began producing a modern version of the original Serro Scotty trailer.

The picture below shows the 13' Scotty trailer:

Serro Scotty 13' trailer

The main features of the 13' Serro Scotty are:

  • $11,800 basic price
  • Approx. dry weight - 1740 lbs
  • Approx. tongue weight - 220 lbs
  • Outside width - 85"
  • Outside height - 86"
  • Total length - 13'
Serro Scotty 13' trailer inside view 1 Serro Scotty 13' trailer inside view 2
Serro Scotty 13' trailer inside view 3 Serro Scotty 13' trailer inside view 4

Serro Scotty
An old American classic is new again

Prices starting at under $12,500

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